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Jersey: Bought In NYC! Jeans: c/o ASOS Shoes: eBay Backpack: River Island c/o ASOS

Hello! Bit of a quick one today, not had the best start to the weekend. One of my bunny rabbits Harry passed away last night so I’ve been quite upset 🙁 his buddy Coco is beside himself too, I’m a bit worried about him. I’ve read online the best thing to do is try and re-bond him otherwise he could sink into depression and eventually die. How horrible is that, poor bunny. It feels too soon to replace Harry but Coco seems so lonely so I’m going to look into adopting him a female friend. Have any of you with bunnies had this before?

So, another one of my Asos outfits today. I didn’t feel like taking any pictures today but I have worn this ensemble a few times. I really didn’t think I would like Mom jeans but I’ve become quite attached to mine.

Tilly xo

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