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 Dress: Oh My Love Shoes: River Island Necklace: eBay Bag: Mulberry 

Got a right snarl on in these pictures haven’t I! It’s because it was so windy and I was getting a little bit annoyed so soz about that. I’m besotted with this dress! It’s everything I love rolled into one at the moment, being – a bit of 90s grunge (espesh sans bra), cami style, cheeky cut out back. Love! It comes in a few other colours too and I saw a baby pink sample knocking about HQ so I hope that becomes available to buy.

Had a bit of a poop weekend to be honest, I won’t depress you all but had to say goodbye to both my bunnies. Coco pretty much died of a broken heart (his buddy Harry passed away on Thursday) and the vet said his body just started shutting down. In a way it feels right that they’ve gone together. I couldn’t imagine them ever being apart. On a cheerier note I’m off to the cinema this evening but to see The Conjuring sooo maybe not so cheery. Wish me luck 😐

 Tilly xo

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