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One of my latest obsessions is everything in white, I’m not sure where it’s come from but I seem to be like a moth to a flame. You may have seen the white shoes I featured in my latest outfit post, I can’t get enough of them! It’s just a shame this weather is preventing me from wearing half of my wardrobe. I’m SO bored of coats now. So anyway, here’s a roundup of my favourite white shoes on the high street at the moment:

1. I adore these from Office, though if someone had put them in front of me a few years I would have said HELL NO. Taste changes though and I love the geeky kind of look (no that doesn’t include the geek tees still polluting the world). I think they would look uber coolios with some frilly socks and dungarees.

2. You can’t go wrong with a classic brogue style shoe and these Kurt Geigers look so crisp and fresh. I really want a pair to wear with my Topshop fuzzy square trousers and other neutral trousers in the Spring if it ever turns up. 

3. I’ll definitely be buying a pair of these Office shoes or something very similar for summer. I think they’d be great for taking on holiday. I love the heel height as I’d feel comfortable wearing them during the day and they’d give me some much needed height!

4. These Topshop mid heels kinda scream teacher/office worker to me but I think they’re really cool. Again with a pair of frilly socks and skinnies I think they’d look perfecto.

5. I think I may have featured these Topshop Arabel boots on here before but that’s because they are so amazing. I tried them on in the Oxford Circus Topshop and loved them but I just couldn’t justify another pair of boots mainly because I don’t wear boots all that often. Aren’t they just perfect though?

6. I adore these River Island sandals, I really want them for my holiday. I’m not going away until July but I don’t want to leave it and they sell out, which always seems to happen to me! They’d go great with a few jersey dresses I have.

7. Another brogue, but this time a studded version oooh. River Island are one of my favourite destinations for shoes and I love the black sole on these. 

What are your thoughts on white shoes, how would you style them? Are you a fan of my picks?

Tilly xo

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