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I usually find H&M a bit hit and miss, I tend to see a lot in magazines/on blogs etc that I love but the stores never seem to impress me! That being said I do love the one on Regent Street, my local few aren’t up to much though. What I love about H&M is the accessories section, I’m not so bothered about the clothes really. At the moment there is a lot I have my beady eye over! I actually just ordered these from the website and can’t wait to get them, praying they fit! I’ve heard bad things about the website but this is my first order so we’ll see how it goes. Also if you sign up to the newsletter you get 25% off!

It goes without saying, the jewellery section of H&M is amazing. Cheaper than Topshop/Zara and so much selection. I love the mint colour wristband above, definitely needed. The shoes have impressed me too recently, I never paid attention to H&M shoes because in the stores (mine anyway!) they don’t really have a dedicated footwear section they’re just dotted around so I don’t tend to notice them so much. They’re really well priced, the bottom right pair are just £24.99 which I think is really good. If you read my blog regularly you may know how obsessed with bowler hats I am! So I think it’s only right I invest in a spring coloured one.

Finally, the bags, does anyone have the nude tote? It looks really similar to the Zara city bag and I just wanted to clarify this?! I love the fluro yellow bag, I don’t tend to spend much money on seasonal shades, I buy my “classics” in tan or black usually as I’ll get the most wear out of these shades! I’d love this one for summer.

Are you a fan of my picks? Is H&M somewhere you go for accessories?

Tilly xo

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