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Quilted Jumper: Reiss 1971, Nude Tote: Zara, Trousers: Topshop, Bowler: Topshop Rucksack: Grafea Mint Knit: H&M Blouse: Goldie Flatforms: River Island Blue Knit: Topshop Mint Jacket: Reiss 1971 Orange Blazer: Topshop Striped Top: Zara Boots: River Island

Okay so a little bit of sun and cue the Spring wardrobe madness! The sun makes me so happy and I’m so ready to start buying new clothes for S/S! It’s my birthday this weekend and I’m spending it in London which means a lot of shopping! This wish list is a combination of things I hope to pick up and some I need to start saving for. The mint green jacket from Reiss is definitely something I will need to save for at £395! It’s too gorgeous though, the annoying thing is Reiss always have amazing end of season sales and I know it will end up half price but I need it so bad.

Other notable items include the nude Zara tote, I can’t believe it’s Zara it looks designer and I need to get my mitts on it this weekend. Another bag I want to add to my collection is the Grafea rucksack. I’ve been wanting one for ages but I wasn’t sure if I would really buy into the rucksack style but as I’m still thinking about it, it means I should buy it. It will be handy for trips and holidays too as sometimes I get sick of lugging a heavy bag around on my forearm. A few knits are amongst items I’ll be searching for along with another pair of patterned trousers. I’m getting sick of jeans/discos so I want to add a few pairs to my collection!

I didn’t really think there was thaaat much I want at the moment but this wish list has proved me wrong and I can’t wait to go shopping! I always find though when I have an actual shopping trip planned I end up coming home with like one thing?! Sometimes it’s a case of too much choice or I just can’t find anything I want!

Tilly xo

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