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Sometimes I get bored of seeing my own face on here so I thought it would be nice to do a slightly different post. I recently gave my wardrobes a complete overhaul, got rid of everything I no longer wear and sorted all the keepers so it’s now tidy and organised. There is however now some extra space that needs filling and what with LFW and the new seasons hitting stores I’m feeling pretty inspired. I can’t wait to fill my wardrobes with pretty spring pieces and ditch the hefty coats. 

wardrobe update 1

Although I’d like to think I can pack all my knitwear away for summer, this just isn’t the case when you live in the UK! There are some great Spring appropriate jumpers around though and I have to say the Jaeger Alexa knit is topping my list.


So what do you think of my pick of the high street at the moment? I’ve fallen in love with the white gilet from River Island, I really want it to pop up on asos so I can nab it with student discount but I think I may become impatient and snap it up anyway. I have a crazy busy week this week but I’ll try and keep my blog updated, you can also follow me on instragram (tilly_jayne) if you so wish. If you enjoyed reading this post then do check back for part two which I’ll be featuring on here during the week! I’ll be including dresses, bottoms and accessories!

Tilly xo

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