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Ankh Tee: Illustrated People Jumper: Topshop Dress: Topshop Blazers: Nike Cropped Tee: Topshop Mean Girls Tee: Doll Boutique Sports Top: The Ragged Priest

There is SO much I want right now and I’ve been pretty bad with my money recently, i.e just buying it all anyway when I should be saving. My obsession for vintage american sports wear continues (love you asos marketplace!) and also my growing need for a pair of nike blazers. I never really considered myself as much of a trainer girl but I’ve been recently living in my Keds as my flat shoes keep giving my feet really bad cramp! I wasn’t sure if these would suit me but I think they’d look fine with a pair of black skinnies and also they’re leopard print, purrfect. 

The t shirt with the ankh is one of my faves, I really like the ankh, it’s an ancient egyptian symbol of life. I always said if I ever got another tattoo (it would be my fourth!) I would get this. I’ve always been really geekily into the Egyptians and I just like the meaning behind this symbol. I was so adamant on never getting another tattoo again though but I’m really tempted. What do you think? Finally, have to give a little mention to the mean girls top. Still one of my favourite films and always will be, I think I was in year 7 or 8 when it first came out and I remember me and my friends discussing when we get to sixth form on Wednesdays we WILL wear pink haha. 

Tilly xo

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