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Fringed top, Playsuit, Peter Pan Blouse, Hairband, Shorts, Dipped hem dress, Embroidered dress, Dipped hem dress, Maxi skirt

Hi guys! Firstly just going to start off with saying this isn’t a sponsored post for Rare or anything, I’ve just grown quite fond of their website this week! I’ve never really given Rare a look in, I’m not sure why but in my head they’re just a lot of bright colours, diamantes and really, a bit tacky! Since the introduction of “Coco’s Fortune” though, they’ve definitely popped up on my radar a lot more. I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered onto their website last night (with one eye on Strictly come dancing – so glad it’s back!).

The above items are all from Rare and available at Topshop too, I’ve linked incase anyone fancies a further mooch! The first item that caught my eye was the embroidered dress. I’ve been kicking myself ever since the Topshop embroidered playsuit I wanted sold out and I was too slow. Snooze you lose I guess! This dress may help heal the wounds though haha and I think it could be worn day or evening really, so a winner all round! The maxi skirt is just perfect, I’m a maxi skirt freak as it is and this definitely needs to come say hey to wardrobes! I think the asymetric dresses are just gorgeous, and perfect for evenings out with a leather jacket and fur stole! My mind is wandering into fashion heaven.

I think the fringe top is way cool but firstly I’m not sure I’d be brave enough and secondly not 100% sure what I’d wear it with? Any suggestions? The playsuit, I think, would look great on a night out! I’m not really into the shorts that show half your bum cheek that have swept the nation and I think this would look cool without making me feel like a total grandma!

I hope you like my picks! Which items are your favourites and how would you style them? I love to hear your thoughts!

Tilly xo

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