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With University looming it’s about time I bought a new bag (I may be using uni as an excuse). To be fair I don’t really want to take any of my more expensive bags as I know they’ll end up getting bashed about or marked with pen. I’ve been scouring the high street for the past couple of weeks to spy out my favourite, most practical bags without a hefty price tag. These are my final favourites, you can always count on Zara for a gem and I love the burgundy/black tote I’m just worried about it clashing with some of my outfits (is that sad?). I also love the River Island bucket bag but I’m not sure if I’ll need something a little bigger. I would like to buy it anyway though as I actually think it looks more expensive than it is. I don’t usually look in River Island for bags as most of them are so tacky with a massive RI logo on them *blergh* but this one I like. 

Which bag is your favourite of my final picks? I really can’t decide which one to opt for so please let me know! Outfit posts will resume on Friday as I’ve had a busy week! Don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY if you haven’t already entered, you have 9 days!

 Tilly xo

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