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Hello everyone! A little sporadic on the blog posting, I do apologise! Had a pretty hectic week of work and when I got the chance to enjoy a bit of sun I took it! What has everyone been up to this weekend? I went into Cambridge yesterday for a mooch around and ending up spending a little too much in Zara (still can’t get over that shop at the mo) and also picked up a couple of other bits. Typical me I went shopping for summer only pieces and came home with a boucle jacket. Technically it’s still a summer item as it does get chilly in the evenings haha that’s my excuse anyway! I finally got some new sandals too! The ones on the left are River Island and on the right Primark. As you can see I’m still doing quite well on the healthy eating front, lot’s of salads and healthy snacks. I also decided to re-join the gym at some point this week, wish me luck!

I took advantage of the flash beauty sale on asos and ordered my favourite benefit mascara and a models own nail polish I’ve wanted ever since seeing it on Sarah’s blog. I absolutely love it, I also wanted Ibiza mix but that had sold out by time I ordered. I thought it was also time to embrace the midi side of things this week. I always felt too short to pull that length off and in fairness I probably am but I always see people wearing them and think they look lovely plus maxi skirts can be annoying and usually too long for me! I’ll be posting an outfit with my new midi skirts this week!

I’ll try not to end on a downer but I’ve recently been feeling like everyone is doing something amazing right now apart from me…sounds weird I know but I swear 90% of my Facebook have either gone travelling or are going  in the near future! I hate the feeling of wasting away time when I could be doing something fun, every summer I say “next summer I’ll make sure I do loads” and then it never happens. I end up just working and plodding along until college/uni starts again. Do you guys ever feel like this? I probably sound like a complete drama queen! I’m going to say it now though…NEXT SUMMER I WILL do something amazing with my time 🙂

Tilly xo

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