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Dress: Dahlia Jacket: Zara Shoes: Asos

HELLO THERE. Yes, I’m still alive! It’s been a few days since I last posted mainly down to a jam packed week I’ve had. As I mentioned previously I got myself a job until I go back to uni in September and I’ve been working a load of overtime so that I have a nice pay packet this month! Also trying to clear my credit card(s). Ooops. I’m off until Tuesday now though yay! I’m going to pizza hut tomorrow and then the cinema with my friend Erin which should be fun, we’re off to see American Reunion so I can re-live my early teen days haha loved them films! It’s been a while since I’ve had a pizza hut buffet mmm pizza and unlimited salad = Tilly heaven. Though I’m still keeping to my healthy eating I haven’t had anything bad at all this week and have cooked healthy meals every night. This can be my little treat!

Moving onto the outfit I bought this little number from Dahlia, I’m sure you’re already very aware of them but if not then check them out they do the cutest dresses! I was really drawn to the whole cut out/collar section which makes it a bit different, paired with my trusty Zara jacket of course. I changed the layout of my pictures slightly what do you think?

Tilly xo

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