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Bralet: Topshop Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen Pork Pie Hat: Topshop Claw Cuff: Asos Shorts: Topshop Studded Wedges: Missguided

Hello! I hope everyone is okay! I’m currently enjoying a couple of days off work spent on the sofa (away from the rain) watching old episodes of Vampire Diaries, glamorous or what! The weather today shock horror has been so schizophrenic one minute it was sunny then cloudy then rain then massive hail stones. I decided that an outfit post probably wasn’t a good idea as I swear every.single.time I go outside it decides to chuck it down!?

Anyway, so I really really want a pork pie hat! I came across the black felt one in Topshop at the weekend but didn’t buy it because I thought these straw type ones would be better for summer! I love the lilac and it would go well with these fab shorts. When I get paid I might treat myself to another Mcqueen scarf, my current one has got quite grubby so I don’t really wear it much and I think this one is a really nice colour for summer. Thinking about channelling my inner Rihanna with the crop top, I’d definitely have to wear it with something high waisted and probably a denim shirt, what do you think? The claw bracelet has been on my mental wishlist for about a year now and well the wedges speak for themselves!

On another note, yesterday marked a new healthy eating era in my life. It suddenly struck me the other day how not ready I am for summer and how rubbish I’ve been eating lately, worst vegetarian ever for actually eating vegetables! I couldn’t remember the last time I ate a proper meal as I have a habit of just snacking and drinking lots of diet Pepsi. So I went and did a major healthy food shop at Tesco s and have been writing down recipes like crazy. Yesterday I made mushroom and spinach puff pastries with green beans for dinner and tonight it’s a Greek salad! Also planning spinach and ricotta parcels and a few healthy pastas later this week. I’ll let you know how that goes!

A few outfit posts lined up this week so stay tuned!

Tilly xo

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