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Everyone has different styles and that’s one of the beauties of having your own home. You put your stamp on it and turn it into the home of your dreams, not the home of someone else’s dreams. 

Different rooms do have different basic functions, regardless of your personal style. You cook in your kitchen, you sleep in your bedroom, you work or study in your office, and you all know what you do in your bathroom, so that just leaves the living room. Well, the function is in the name, you live in your living room.

This is where you relax as a family. So ideally, your living room will be as comfortable, cosy, and welcoming as possible. So here are some ideas for when you next renovate your living room.

Rugs and Carpets

As flooring goes, carpet is the king of cosiness. A good carpet is soft and pleasant on your feet, but also hard-wearing enough to handle any spills or other messes and wear and tear. Of course, it should look good as well.

The carpet is the classic living room option, and there are plenty of good reasons why it’s so popular. But it’s not the only option.

Another common flooring option is to have hard flooring combined with a rug. Hard flooring is easy to clean and sturdy, and you can get some very attractive and affordable hard floors. Proper wood flooring is a lovely choice, but it’s expensive and you have to take care of it, although it can last for decades if you treat it right. Or you can go for cheaper laminate flooring, which can look attractive and is much easier to take care of.

A rug brings the room together and provides the same warmth and comfort as carpets. Rugs can also break up large sections of flooring, which can otherwise make a room look empty and bleak.

Soft Furnishings

If you want to be comfortable, you need somewhere to sit. Sofas and armchairs are the go-to choices for living rooms, because they are ideal for lounging on. As well as large furniture, smaller details like throws, blankets, and cushions are perfect additions to make the room more cosy, while also adding a personal touch.

It’s surprising how much you can change a room simply by including or swapping out your cushions and blankets, especially if your large furniture is fairly neutral.

Get a Fireplace or Log Burner

Okay, the pinnacle of comfort and cosiness has to be a real fireplace. Look for a provider who sells bespoke fireplace designs that can be created according to your preferences and to suit your home. 

You can choose between an open fire or a log burner. Open fires are good for smaller rooms that don’t need a lot of efficiency. They can be a little harder to light and you have to watch out for sparks or falling embers, but they look stunning and can put out some heat. Log burners are more common, as they’re easier to light and more efficient, and you still get the cosy factor of a fireplace in your living room.

You just can’t beat it.


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