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The toughest thing about working as a freelancer is knowing when to stop working. Freelancers don’t have the safety net of employment, and therefore they feel like they’ve got to keep going for fear of the earnings drying up. Learning to relax as a freelancer is critical. Here are a few ways for you to do it.

Take Time to Stop

If you feel like you have to keep going, and you can’t stop until you hit the pillow at night, you may benefit from taking time to stop for a very short amount of time throughout the day. The great thing is that it only takes a few seconds for you to stop and do some deep breaths or you can think about other tools that make a big difference. For example, a lot of people use CBD products other products, and a packet of Delta 9 THC gummies next to your desk can give you that little dose of relaxation so you can feel better in yourself and more focused.

Distract Yourself 

It is not an easy thing to do because you may believe that you’ve got to keep going, but distracting yourself throughout your working day or at night means that you won’t feel the temptation to check your emails. There is this sense of being on the edge of a cliff when we’ve submitted work for checking, but rather than thinking we’ve got to get back to them at 8 at night, we’ve got to set strict hours so we can do our best work within those working hours, but also get into the habit of doing something that restores us. It can be difficult to switch off your laptop at 5 pm, but try it out for a few days and see how your productivity is impacted. You may not find any difference between you working later into the night and setting a strict calendar during your working day and, in fact, you may find that setting a very strict working day helps you to focus.

Switch Your Phone Off

As easy as it is to say, we know that we can’t always hide our phones away. Everybody should learn how to stop checking their phone when it pings and the best way to begin is to start switching your phone off outside of working hours. If you use your phone for social media and you can’t help but notice if an email comes through, you may benefit from getting a different phone as this can separate your life more effectively.

Practice Relaxing

It sounds simple, but many freelancers don’t feel like they can relax. You have to get into the habit of practicing it because, over time, you develop the skill. Mindfulness and meditation are all things that are commonplace now, but we need to practice how to relax rather than thinking that once we hit the wall, we should try it for a day or so. It is critical that we learn how to relax. In order to do it effectively, some of these tools can make a big difference.


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