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So you’ve decided you need more space. If you don’t want to move and you’ve already exhausted the space you have internally, it’s time to look at building an extension. It’s not something you should do lightly. Extensions cost money and can disrupt your life while they’re being built. 


Think about these things before embarking on your building project. 

What you need the space for

You probably already have a purpose in mind for your extension. Do you need extra living space, a home office, or an extra bedroom? Perhaps you want to build a bathroom downstairs to future-proof the house for when you’re older? If you’re looking to build a garage, you can look at oak framed garages as an alternative, which look great and can cost a lot less. 


It’s important that you have a realistic budget in mind for the quality of extension you want. Consider the size, finish, and interiors your extension will have. If you need plumbing installed or drainage rerouted, this will add to the cost of the project. 


If you rush in and take a cheaper option, or go with a builder who is charging a lot less. There will be variations in pricing, but check out building companies thoroughly before you engage with one or you could end up paying a lot more to correct poor work. 


If budget is an issue, try and save for a little longer so that you’re more likely to get the quality of finish and interior that you’re happy with, rather than regretting rushing it for the next decade. 

The value it will add to your property

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, you need to consider what value an extension could add to your home. In most circumstances, it will increase it, unless you had limited outdoor space to start with and reduced it considerably by extending. If you’re planning to live in the house for a long time, then you may not feel as pressured to add a great deal to the value, as you will be reaping the rewards of the extra space for a long time. 

The disruption to your life

Having an extension built is no small project. It can take months to complete and can make your home practically unlivable for the duration. If you work from home or have young kids, you need to consider what alternative arrangements you can put in place while the building work is going on. You might need to arrange to stay with friends or relatives or book separate accommodation which could add considerably to your costs. 


Alongside the noise there will also be a lot of mess, dust and lack of privacy during this time. You may also want to discuss it with your neighbours as well so that they know what to expect and you can accommodate any special requests. For example, if they’re hosting a birthday party or wedding at their house, you can arrange for work to cease that day or finish early. 


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