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It is common knowledge that individuals with STEM backgrounds are in high demand in the modern job market. STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” STEM is an abbreviation. It is constantly emphasised to students who are about to graduate from high school and recent college grads how essential it is to have technical abilities. They will have a leg up on the competition for some of the highest-paying professions in the world if they possess these talents. These often fall under the umbrella of the STEM fields, and women in particular are drastically underrepresented in this area.


The importance of occupations requiring STEM skills is not limited to the current labour market alone. The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are anticipated to be the sources of an increasing number of career opportunities in the foreseeable future. Technology’s use is rapidly expanding and is also growing more sophisticated. Some of the more common types of jobs in the future will be supplanted by ones relating to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


You may want to get in on this activity for yourself. Maybe you have a child who is just starting to think about what they want to do with their lives, or you are thinking about making a shift in your professional life this year and taking up NEC training. To assist you, we have created a list of just some of the employment opportunities you might want to consider applying for.


Aerospace engineering


Although being an astronaut is most likely the pinnacle of STEM careers, aerospace engineering and astronautical engineering are very close runners-up. After all, an astronaut cannot travel into space if they do not have their spacecraft. An aerospace engineer’s responsibilities can include the creation, production, and upkeep of satellites and other associated equipment, as well as the design and construction of spacecraft.




Being a doctor might be considered something of a safe career choice. Ultimately, it does not matter how far medical technology progresses; there will still be a requirement for medical professionals. One could argue that there will be a need for an ever-increasing number of medical professionals as the globe continues to develop and the population continues to rise. The income potential is substantial, particularly if you specialise in a subspecialty such as surgery or emergency medicine later in your career. However, it is not a career that can be entered into easily. There is a lot of competition for spots in medical school. To their credit, they choose to work solely with the very finest candidates. Although the training is challenging, it is more than worth it once one is trained and can save the lives of others regularly.


Electrical engineer


The education required to become an electrical engineer is advantageous because there is a demand for those professionals in a wide variety of business sectors. People who value the versatility of getting knowledge in a wide range of fields are often attracted to careers in which they are not restricted to working in just one industry. An electrical engineer takes their understanding of electrical principles and applies it to a wide variety of situations and objects. This might include things like computers, mobile phones, and machines.


Expert in computer security


This is turning into a position that has a greater and greater impact. The strategies used by would-be cybercriminals are always evolving alongside the development of new technologies. Being one step ahead of the competition is essential for successful businesses, organisations, and governments. This is when the expertise of a cybersecurity professional is needed. The position might take on many different forms. Penetration testing, also known as determining how simple it is to get into a computer system, digital forensics, and the construction of digital security barriers are all possible aspects of this.




The majority of actuaries have a background in mathematics as well as the sciences, which enables them to combine the use of statistical analysis and mathematical modelling to forecast the results of a risk. Even if it is not considered to be one of the most interesting STEM careers, it is nonetheless a very vital one. It also has the potential to be quite lucrative! Actuaries are employed by various businesses, including banks and insurance firms.


Engineer of mechanical systems


Manufacturing and processing companies always look for qualified mechanical engineers to fill open positions. They design new manufacturing equipment and troubleshoot existing machinery. They are necessary to keep the wheels of manufacturing spinning, which is why there is always a strong need for them. To enter this area, you need to be aware of how machinery operates and have a passion for doing so.


Data scientist


This is becoming an increasingly well-liked route in one’s professional life. The availability of large amounts of data to businesses and governments is at an all-time high in the modern era. They are certainly interested in learning how to get the most out of it. A data scientist would come in handy at this point. To make sense of everything, they will work their way through the figures and organise large amounts of information. After that, these observations are included into the formulation of policies and the selection of courses of action that have the potential to influence all of us. Although a degree in mathematics or statistics is not required to become a data scientist, most data scientists do have such a degree.


Architect of computer systems


Systems architects serve in a capacity similar to that of a bridge between the corporate world and the technological world. It is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of information technology. Their job is to develop, organise, and put into action the entirety of an information technology system to the requirements of their customers. You need to be familiar with computer networks and software, in addition to knowing the significance of these things in the context of a commercial enterprise, to be qualified for this position.


The notion of STEM is both profitable and in high demand, as is evident from this list of employment options. This is just the beginning of it all as well. As a result of the ongoing advancement of technology, new job descriptions will emerge. It is a road that will continue, and  there is no obvious destination in sight. There is always a chance that you may become the next Mary Jackson or Katherine Johnson. 


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