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Renovating your house might sound like a great project, but renovations take a lot of time and care. Deciding to rip out your bathroom and add a new whirlpool tub sounds like a brilliant idea until you realize that means you’ll have to move your plumbing and you already blew the budget on underfloor heating. Planning is key to avoid these mistakes. These are the most common mistakes that people make when renovating their homes and how you can avoid them.

Overlooking The Most Used Rooms

People often don’t invest in the rooms that are most used in the house, such as the kitchen or the living room. It’s important to prioritize these spaces. These spaces need to be functional and up-to-date, especially if the resale value is important to you. Start with these rooms first, and only move on to less-used rooms when they’re looking good. 

Spending Too Much On The Wrong Things

If you’re going to spend a lot on higher-priced items like bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances, you can balance this cost with more affordable items elsewhere. Avoid doing the opposite, such as spending a lot on an accent wall and then saving money by choosing laminate floors over hardwood. What will make the most impact when you want to sell the house? What will make the house nicer to live in? A good AC system is popular worth spending more on, for example, than expensive paint. If AC is a priority for you, find out more here. 

Ignoring The Bathrooms

It’s important to renovate your bathrooms so they stay up-to-date, especially for maintaining resale value. You can keep the renovations very simple, and just make changes like swapping out-of-date tile with a classic stone or changing your fixtures for something more beautiful. You don’t need a complete overhaul if you don’t want one.

Forgetting About The Landscaping

The landscaping is the prelude to the interior. It sets the mood for your home, so it should tie into what is going on in the inside of your home. To create a dynamic space, you should try to create views of the landscape outside from every room of the house, and bring the two together. 

Not Respecting The Bones Of The House

Mixing and layering together different time periods and styles of decor can work really well if it’s done with care, but you should always understand the bones of your home and respect the original architecture. If you aren’t sure what to do, it can help to hire an architect or a designer and get their expert opinion. 

Choosing A Contractor On A Whim

People often choose their contractors too quickly because they’re excited to get started. Take your time, and choose someone who comes with a referral. If you can’t get a referral, get quotes from several contractors and see who can best match your budget. Read plenty of reviews, and try to see if you can see some of their previous work in person.


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