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tips for throwing a pool party

With summer’s arrival and the forecast of a heatwave throughout August, what better way to celebrate with your friends than a pool party?

– Have a fun theme

Pool parties lend themselves to a plethora of themes, with Tiki, beach party and sea creatures being just a few! You can decorate accordingly and recreate special drinks and foods to complete the atmosphere. Throw in a fancy-dress competition for guests to get everyone in the spirit!

 – Keep the pool clean

Nobody wants to go for a relaxing dip to be met with bits of grass and debris, so set up mats around your pool where guests can clean off anything before jumping in! Similarly, it’s important to keep your pool chemicals balanced and ensure the water is safe – use pool chlorine granules before your party to make sure everything is ready ahead of time. These will clean the water and make it look clear and fresh when guests arrive. If you are planning on using a hot tub, make sure to use the appropriate hot tub sanitizer to keep everything clean and safe to use.

 – Create a sun-free area

Make sure to provide sunscreen to your guests to ensure nobody ends the day with a sunburn rather than a tan. Setting up a sun free area means that your guests can get away from the heat if they need to (and make sure any ice creams don’t melt).

While sunny days can be rare in the UK, there are times when UV rays are the strongest and can have a negative impact on the health of anyone bathing in the sun or enjoying the pool. Apply sunscreen and protect yourself against harmful rays especially in the months from the middle of March to mid-October, Cancer Research UK warns. During the day, it is important to be cautious between 11am and 3pm when the sun is strongest, the organisation explains.

 – Set up a photobooth

Photos are a great way to remember your party and make sure everyone has a keepsake for themselves! Use fun pool floats as accessories or have a chalkboard on hand to write funny captions. You can hire booths for the day or make your own with a bed sheet and camera. Other options include making an oversized cardboard frame that resembles the outer border of a polaroid picture, as seen in this tutorial, or you could use flowers and plants to help create a holiday theme for guests who would like to take pictures.

The more carefully the area around the pool is designed, the easier it will be for all your guests to enjoy a truly memorable day.


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