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The week immediately following a major renovation project is a very important one. Once the builders have cleared out of the house, and taken as much of the dust sheets and actual dust itself with them, you’ve got to move back in and make the house look like a home again. And that can be difficult! 

After all, you’ve got a lot of corners to sweep out, and a lot of furniture to move back into place, and you’ve got to be sure that the whole house is well ventilated too. But before you get stuck in and stressed out about the amount of work that needs doing, here’s a quick checklist of how to move around quickly and effectively.

Wipe Down Your Furniture

Yes, you covered up the furniture, and even moved it far out of the way, and as far as you can see those covers haven’t been disturbed… But you should always check your furniture carefully for any hints of debris that could wear down the materials if left. 

It’s easy for a bit of dirt and dust to make its way under a sheet, and if you’re not careful, these particles could make the unique cushions Grandma crocheted specially just another set of pillows you could buy at any store!

Check on Your Utilities

The systems that keep your house running can be affected by a renovation project, even if they were factored into the renovation plan and have been avoided when breaking down walls and adding in new tiles. 

You never know if a hammer missed the target or a bit of debris has gotten caught somewhere, so check on your appliances and wall sockets to ensure things are clean and tidy. 

And maybe even the water tank has had a bit of dust spilled or filtered into it? Be sure to check using websites that detail water pump problems and solutions; it can be hard to spot brick dust or sawdust on your own when it’s floating in 650+ litres of water!

Clean Fans and Vents

The house was probably well ventilated and possibly even fumigated when the builders, painters, and decorators were in, but you should still give these systems the once over when you settle back into your new space. 

You’ll want to look for dust clogs that stop the fans from turning so well, and that the windows have been wiped down to clear away any sawdust you could accidentally breathe in. Most of all, take your time going around these areas of the house, to ensure you get rid of every last bit of dust that might have been left behind. 

A big renovation project can leave the house in a miss, even if the workers were careful! Go around and set the scene for living healthy in your new space. You’ll want to pay special attention to surfaces that dust can collect on and go unnoticed, such as door frames, shelves, and under any furniture.


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