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Restrictions are beginning to lift again around the world. Plus, the vaccine rollout brings hope of an end. This, of course, is excellent. It does, however, bring back the normality of people coming round to your home. 

Maybe it’s the isolation we’ve all suffered for a year, but there’s something a bit terrifying about the thought of hosting people once again. 

So, considering the prospect of having non-relatives back in our homes, here are some tips for getting your home ready for hosting!

Tidy, tidy, tidy!

Unless you were one of the people who got really into cleaning over lockdown, your home is probably a bit messier than it would usually be. Don’t worry; it makes sense. You aren’t having any guests; everyone you live with knows you’re a bit messy. There isn’t anyone to impress!

However, what this means is you are probably faced with a bigger tidying up job than usual. That’s okay – seeking out tips to declutter your house this spring can help you implement some actual measures to tidy your home and keep it that way, ready for guests. 

Brighten up your home with fresh flowers

The spring and summer months are coming, which means many flowers are in bloom. Putting some flowers around the house will make your home welcoming and pretty to look at. Plus, they’ll smell beautiful. You’ll have friends begging to come back the next day!

Buy garden furniture

As the lifting of restrictions first comes with the ability to meet in gardens, investing in some garden furniture can help. Sure, you could sit on the grass, but sitting on deckchairs around a nice outdoor fire pit sounds much more sociable, right?

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but buying some pretty garden lights or DIY-ing some tea-light jars can set a lovely atmosphere for late-night catch-ups. 

Hosting isn’t always easy, but everyone will enjoy it post-pandemic

Desperate for social interaction, there’ll likely be lots of dinner parties and catch-ups over coffee when it’s once again allowed. Of course, it’s great to get your house ready, but also remember to get yourself ready. 

None of us have had that much social interaction over the past year. Try to cast your mind back to remember what counts as bad social moves. Here’s one: please remember to wear trousers to your meetings. We won’t be on zoom anymore. 

Plus, if you can, try to think of some actually exciting stories. Lockdown has left us with almost no exciting stories to tell, but we’re going to need them when we all finally meet up, so get thinking. Draw a mindmap if you need to come up with ideas. If worst comes to worst, just lie. 

Most importantly, enjoy seeing people again! No one will mind if your house is a bit messy; they’ll just be glad to see you. But it’s nice to show people that you’ve made an effort, as it shows you care about them.


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