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Let’s be honest. Working from home isn’t always great. Laced between those moments of convenience and freedom, you’ll find stress, frustration and difficulty finding a good work/life balance.

Being able to create a healthy and balanced workday whilst at home will not only help you stay productive but it’s also better for your mental wellbeing. And getting into the right habits will prevent your workdays from spiralling into stressful all-nighters. Check out these good working from home habits that will keep you productive and positive as a permanent homeworker.

Ensure you have a good supply of office essentials

Not having the right equipment to hand is disastrous for your productivity and your stress levels. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to print something and realising you ran out of ink weeks ago and haven’t replaced the cartridge. Always ensure you have a good supply of ink to hand – Printer Inks sells ink cartridges, click the link to find out more. This way, you’re ready to access hard copies of your files and documents at any moment.

Get dressed

Working from home isn’t about slobbing around in your PJs all day long. While it’s preferable to enjoy relaxed attire whilst WFH, failing to get dressed at all can have a detrimental effect on your productivity levels and even your mental health. Shower and get dressed, then you’ll find the inclination to work comes naturally.

Take regular breaks

Taking breaks sounds counterproductive, but they’re essential for your concentration levels and your health. Get into the habit of getting up from your desk every hour. Whether it’s to get a glass of water, walk around the house or have your lunch outdoors. Your body and mind will appreciate some time away from your screen.

Stay connected

The world we live in is pretty restricted at the moment, which means staying connected to the people we love the most is more important than ever. Get into the habit of scheduling some quality time (socially distanced of course) with family and friends. Or, try to incorporate this into your day:  send a message, leave a voice note or send an email to someone you miss.

Make your mornings productive

Most of us are at our best in the mornings, but even if you’re more of a night owl, whilst you’re working from home you might want to alter your habits. WFH doesn’t mean rolling out of bed with 5 minutes to spare and then logging onto your network. Try to get into the habit of getting up when you normally would. Starting work before 9am means you’re already ahead of your busy schedule and you’re more likely to finish sooner. Plus, you don’t even have to commute home!

And finally, set boundaries

When you’re WFH, it’s incredibly tempting to continue to work even when you’re not supposed to be. Your boss might send you an email or a colleague could ask you for a favour. It’s important to set yourself boundaries when you’re trying to balance working from home and your personal life. Don’t let others take advantage and make it (politely) clear that you’ll only respond to work-related queries during office hours. Otherwise, you could be at risk of complete burnout.


  • February 8, 2021

    I prefer getting dressed rather than wearing loungewear or even pj’s everyday, it does make me feel better getting dressed! x

    Lucy |


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