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With 2020 now close to becoming a distant memory, we will still live with what it has taught us and that is that more space is required to compensate for more time at home.

Whilst some people see this as a chance to move house for something more comforting, others see it as a chance to extend their properties to feel more room to work and co-exist with family in a more spacious environment. 

Home Office

With so many people now facing home-based working or careers, many parents have had to assemble working spaces within existing spaces or even spare bedrooms in order to separate from home life.

This has resulted in an increase in extensions to the home to build workspaces at the back of the house. With this work people tend to prefer hardwood flooring or luxury wood effect vinyl flooring in place of carpet to provide a more professional feel to the environment, helping them to focus on their work. Vinyl flooring is considered the cheaper and more durable option for a home office environment that is also easier to install and maintain.

Dual Purpose Rooms

With the need for more space, people have been finding that utilising space within rooms to make it function as two spaces have been either a necessity or a requirement.

By separating a large living room or dining room so that Zoom meetings can take place away from family watching TV or a bedroom that can easily be separated into an office corner, people can literally have the best of both without having overrun. With vinyl flooring, you can even create two flooring patterns to distinguish both areas as separate whilst seamlessly blending together, whether you choose lowest price Amtico Spacia flooring or other flooring options you can really have the best of both worlds by utilising the space correctly.

Easy Maintenance

By this point in time, everyone is looking for options that are easy maintenance and long lasting to account for the amount of time now expected at home.

With flooring, people are forgoing traditional hardwood or stone flooring for the durable and highly replicated luxury vinyl tile option. With some having a close to 3-decade warranty, many see the other properties it has such as scratch, stain, and moisture resistance as extra benefits that push them to high consideration.

With many people opting to layer their homes with underfloor heating, vinyl flooring planks and tiles are considered the natural partnership for them.

When it comes to your new 2021 outlook for home renovation, the cheapest Amtico flooring UK is a wise investment to keep it all looking and feeling fresh.



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