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dining room decor tips

Thinking of decorating your dining room? Here are a few dos and don’ts that could be worth considering as you decorate this space. 

Don’t position the table against a wall

Dining tables should ideally be in the centre of the room. This allows space all around the table for people to comfortably sit. If you’ve only got a small room, then this may not be possible. However, if you’ve got a large room, make full use of the space. Sometimes it’s worth opting for a smaller table just so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. 

Do invest in comfy chairs

You and your guests should feel comfortable while you eat. As a result, you shouldn’t skimp on cheap uncomfortable dining room chairs. The comfiest dining room chairs are sculpted to fit the body for maximum comfort. They have padded seats and often padded backs. Such chairs are also likely to be built to last – making them a better investment. 

Don’t overlook the lighting

It’s worth considering the lighting in your dining room. If overhead lighting is not bright enough or is too low, it will cast shadows on all your diners’ faces as you eat. Try to get the right height so that this doesn’t happen. On top of overhead lighting, you can try various other types of lighting from floor lamps in the corners to candles. The likes of candles could be perfect for when you want to create a romantic ambience. 

Do consider a rug

Placing a rug under your dining table and chairs could help to catch food. This could make cleaning up easier as you may be able to simply shake off the rug outside instead of having to sweep the floor (it should go without saying that a wooden floor is a much better choice than carpet in a dining room). Opt for a large rug that frames the entire dining table and possibly also the chairs. Make sure that chairs aren’t half on and half off the rug as it could cause snagging when people tuck in and pull out their chairs. 

Don’t skimp on storage

Dining room storage units can be great for storing dinnerware, helping to free up space in the kitchen for storing such items. They could also be used for various other items that could be cluttering up other rooms. Sideboards and cabinets are popular storage options in dining rooms. Make sure that they match the style of the room and that they’re not too close to the table. Tall and shallow storage may be a good option in a small dining room as opposed to deep storage that may protrude too much. 

Do show off your best dinnerware

You should put your best dinnerware on display – this could be displayed on the table or on a sideboard. If you don’t have any prize dinnerware, now could be the time to invest in some. Such dinnerware could include crystal glasses or perhaps some silverware. When buying such dinnerware, make sure you buy the real thing – when shopping for antiques, it could be worth knowing the difference between sterling silver and silverplate. This ensures that any items are truly worth showing off to your guests.

Don’t use large centrepieces

Many people like to display large bouquets of flowers in the middle of the table. However this could stop you and your diners from being able to talk to each other across the table. Keep any centrepieces small and save large flower displays for placing at the side of the room. Large centrepieces should be particularly avoided on small dining room tables. 

Do hang up artwork

Artwork can often help to bring a burst of energy to a room. Consider hanging a large colourful painting on the wall. This could be a modern art piece if you want to give your dining room a modern touch or a traditional piece if you want to keep a classic feel to the room. Food-themed artwork could be ideal for getting people ready for eating. 

Don’t use cool colours

Blues, dark greens and purples aren’t suited to a dining room. Instead, opt for warm colours such as yellow, red or orange. These warm colours are energising – they’re more likely to encourage conversation and keep people lively. Cool colours are calming and are better suited to spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms


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