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Christmas trends this year

Looking for a little inspiration when it comes to Christmas interior trends? I’ve teamed up with Nido to show you what I’m loving this year!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas time, the excitement of the season and the hustle and bustle of the days and weeks leading up to the 25th. For me, personally, I’ve always preferred the lead up to Christmas. I remember this time feeling so exciting when I was at school, rehearsing Christmas dances for assembly, watching Christmas films instead of work because it was the last week of term, and exchanging secret Santa gifts with my besties. While those days are long gone, I still feel that same sense of excitement for the Christmas period.

This year will be a little different, as it’s our first Christmas in our renovated home! I’ve been so excited to decorate and play around with some of my favourite Christmas interior trends that I must admit, my tree went up on the 17th November. I’m usually a strict “No decorations until December” but it just felt right this year. I think we all need a little festive joy.

My style tends to be fairly neutral, rustic and bohemian, but when you think of Christmas it tends to be…pretty much the opposite! Red, gold, sparkles and bling, but, there are ways you can make your home feel warm and festive without going OTT on the bold colour scheme.

Here are my favourite Christmas interior trends this year:

Flocked Christmas Trees

I’ve been loving the flocked Christmas tree trend, which is essentially a faux tree designed to look like it’s covered in snow for that real Winter Wonderland look! As Christmas markets and festivities are pretty much off the cards this year, this is a great way to bring that magical look into your very own home. I’d keep the colour theme quite muted though, otherwise, it might look a little crazy.

Eco-friendly decorating

 Whilst it is a jolly time of the year, it’s not so jolly for the planet, which is why we all need to take a more eco-conscious approach to Christmas and limit our damage to mother earth. This is everything from your decorations, gifting, to wrapping paper! Where possible, opt for decorations that will last you for years to come, or that can be easily recycled. If you’re buying a real tree, ensure it comes from a sustainable source. Look for the “Grown in Britain” label or “FSC” which means it has come from a certified forest.

christmas trends this year

Festive greenery

2020 has definitely been the year whereby many of us have reconnected with nature. Slowing down the pace and finding ourselves appreciating the smaller things in like such as a walk in the local park, an adventure through the forest and even just spending time in our own gardens. Continue that feeling and connection throughout Christmas and bring the outside in with festive foliage. From beautiful wreaths to branches of holly, and maybe a sprig of mistletoe too! Create an earthy, warm feeling in your home with a few green touches.

Christmas decorating trends this year

Natural Elements

One trend that I’ve been loving this year is the natural, rustic look. This is the theme I’ve gone with for my home and tree this year and it looks oh-so festive! Think materials such as wood, paper, and decorations with twine and hessian. It definitely gives off that “woodland” feel, especially when compliment with a few cute creatures to really finish off the look. I’ve seen some great wall decorations such as wooden trees too, great if you’ve got limited space in your house.

Christmas minimalism

Christmas and minimalism aren’t really two words that you would expect to be in the same sentence as one another, but, it can work! I’ve seen some great minimalist trees that would sit pretty in more contemporary homes. Think about the materials you will use on your tree, wood and clay are two great options that will make quite a statement. Wooden beads and clay decorations are a match made in heaven for a minimalist tree and create a surprisingly warm feel too.

What are your favourite Christmas interior trends for this year? Do you prefer a classic look, or something a little more modern? I’d love to hear!

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