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If you’re someone who struggles with self-image and a lack of confidence, then you’re probably struggling with the same routine every day. A sequence of habits where we question our looks, our fashion choices and why we can’t be like the models we see on Instagram. It can be incredibly debilitating, and if you’re someone who wears glasses, then your insecurities may increase tenfold. 

Everyone wants to hide away from the world at some point. However, embracing your looks, your uniqueness and no longer comparing yourself to unrealistic beauty standards are the best ways to step away from your insecurities. And wearing your glasses could be the key to unlocking your confidence. 

Here we’ll explore how to wear your glasses with confidence and thrive. 

Forget those undesirable connotations

A stunning pair of frames can not only enhance your features but can also help you share your personality and style with those around you. Whether you prefer designer names (see this selection of Oakley glasses), you’re someone who wants to channel their inner geek-chic or showcase their inner elegance, eyewear is considered to be the ultimate accessory and is no longer considered just an “unfortunate” visual aid. 

For many glasses-wearers, their insecurities around eyewear stem from troubled childhood experiences. Bullying in the playground, hurtful comments about how your frames are hiding your looks or just being labeled as unattractive. Thankfully, these days glasses are no longer considered a magnet for negativity and passive-aggressive commentary. Remember that when you put on your beautiful frames and step out into the world.

Invest in more than one pair!

You don’t just have one pair of shoes. So, why settle for just one pair of glasses? Investing in multiple frames gives you the confidence to step out in any outfit and have the perfect pair of frames to complement your favorite dress, suit or casual wear.

Remember the psychological effect of glasses

Interestingly, studies have shown that people who wear glasses are perceived to be intelligent, approachable, professional and personable – just to name a few! So, wearing your glasses isn’t just about correcting your vision – they say a lot more about you than you might think. If you’re someone who wants to stand apart in a job interview or be given an opportunity for more responsibility at work, then the right pair of frames could give you the boost you need to succeed. 

Select the right frames

If you know something looks good, it will fill you with confidence and all your insecurities will melt away into nothing. Everyone is different, so what looks good on your favorite celebrity might not complement your unique look, but that doesn’t mean you’re worth any less. When choosing your new glasses, take your face shape, skin tone, hair and features into consideration. Choosing the right frames is an art and requires plenty of time and consideration to get right. If you want to find your perfect pair, take your time and enjoy the process.

Show them off

Stand upright, walk with confidence and never feel the need to apologize for your looks. When in doubt, let your glasses do the talking! 





  • December 9, 2020

    I used to wear glasses all the time growing but switched to lenses years ago as I hated wearing my glasses as of all the connotations surrounding them and I wish I read a post like this back then! x

    Lucy |


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