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5 Clever Ways To Kickstart Your Career

Starting out isn’t easy at the moment, or even if you’re looking for a career change, these are challenging times. The job market is more competitive than ever and trying to make a name for yourself in many fields could take time. If you’re trying to kickstart your career, there are several practical things you can do, however. It’s all about building knowledge and experience for yourself, and putting this out there as much as possible. Communication and networking are also the key to finding a new job. Here are five clever ways to kickstart your career!

Consider an internship

If you’re looking for work experience, consider all the options. These include internships, apprenticeships, and trainee positions. There are different options, especially for those willing to learn on the job. Sites such as Atkins Early Careers can help you to find a variety of job types to kickstart your career. An internship is likely to lead to a job or future prospects, so it can be well worth doing. During my time at University, I completed around six fashion internships which resulted in multiple job offers. Anything you can do to build experience in your chosen field will make you a desirable candidate for a job. 

Build an online profile

This isn’t only important if you want to get a job in digital marketing. An online profile is a great way to advertise yourself and your skills. Social media is also perfect for networking. Many companies hire freelance services or outsource staff online. You could join an online agency and seek clients this way. Set up your own website. Many employers perform an internet search during the recruitment process. Having a strong online presence will always work in your favour! In fact, one of my most recent clients found me from searching for a local freelance. It’s so important to be visible.

Start networking

Networking, whether you start through social media or not, is very effective. If you’re feeling a bit shy about it (it’s definitely not my favourite thing!) you can find plenty of networking tips online. Unfortunately, this is often the best way to get yourself out there and make an impression. Many people find the right jobs through networking. If you’ve recently finished studying, you can ask your tutors for a site or platform to connect with other people in the field. Otherwise, there are sites such as LinkedIn which cover all bases.

Volunteer in the field

Volunteering in general looks great on your CV. You never know you could even turn volunteering into a job. If you’re looking for a creative position or something in digital marketing, there are plenty of volunteer options available to get your material out there. If not, volunteering for a worthy cause is still a good option to develop essential transferrable skills. One of my goals for 2021 is to spend time volunteering for an animal charity, I think great lessons can be learned when you step outside your comfort zone and throw yourself into something new. 

Broaden your horizons

Never stop looking to expand your horizons. Study a new course and add another string to your bow. Learn a new skill, or even take up a new hobby. Employers look for well-rounded candidates, so always aim to broaden your horizons. You might discover your hidden talents or interest in new areas. The more knowledge, skills and experience you gain on the way, the more desirable candidate you’ll be to potential employers.

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