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summer bedroom inspiration

Our bedroom is definitely one of my favourite rooms in the house, perhaps as it is the only “complete’ room to date with renovation work still going on around the house but nether-the-less it’s still my favourite!

For me, creating a relaxing bedroom was paramount when designing the overall look of each room. I had one main rule in place and that was no television. Charlie, who has had a TV in his bedroom all his life, wasn’t sure about this, to begin with, but for me, a bedroom should be a haven of calm and this means no big bright screens. Thankfully, he now agrees with me and enjoys a better night sleep and ability to switch off without the sound of Family Guy in the distance until the early hours…

If, like me, creating a beautiful bedroom is important to you, and you fancy a little home improvement project this summer – check out my top tips…

Stick with a neutral colour palette

One of the most important elements of a peaceful bedroom is the colour scheme! Bright and bold colours may work for some, but for me, they just cause a headache. I feel much more at ease in a bedroom that’s neutral, and that doesn’t have to mean boring. Earthy tones such as light stone, sage and off-whites are all great options. Farrow & Ball are the natural choice for neutral tones, and I’ve stuck with their shades throughout the house. Currently, in the bedroom we have ‘Slipper Satin’ which is a gorgeous off-white with a warm feel – brilliant white can sometimes be a little clinical!

A dreamy king-size bed

The focal point of any bedroom is undoubtedly the bed! I couldn’t live without my kingsize bed, it’s one of my best purchases yet. After much deliberation, we went for a rattan-style bed to fit in with the natural vibe of the room, but if you’re going for more of a luxe look, then a grey divan bed teamed with crisp white bedsheets will look great. Bed linen is so important to your overall vibe…and comfort! Investing in quality bedding is something I learned at age 28, and boy what a difference does it make slipping into fancy sheets.

Plenty of greenery

For me, plants really make a room! You only have to glance at my home Instagram account to realise I’m a serious sucker for a cactus or two. Not only do they add a splash of colour and bring a room together, but they’re also natural air purifiers and mood boosters too! Certainly handy when that Monday morning alarm goes off. IKEA do a great range of affordable house plants, but you can’t beat a trip to your local garden centre. I swear I should be retired already.

Clear the clutter

I’m not quite a minimalist but I do have a real phobia of too much clutter! One decision I made when renovating the bedroom was to essentially keep the room free of any ‘stuff’ including our clothes. I wanted a spacious and serene environment, so the spare room turned into a wardrobe and the bedroom has a light and airy vibe that would have been hard to achieve with clunky furniture. Clear the clutter this summer!

A statement rug

Every bedroom with a wooden or vinyl floor needs a statement rug! If you have hard flooring, a rug really adds warmth to a room and of course, feels much more luxurious on your toes during those cold winter months! Homesense is my ultimate destination when it comes to unique and affordable floor rugs, but you definitely have to catch the store on a good day as it can be a bit hit and miss. I was lucky to find my DREAM rug in there just before lockdown, yippee.

A bedroom that’s free of clutter, with a neutral colour scheme, house plants and a beautiful rug is sure to make for a calm space away from the noise of daily life. Say goodbye to the TV and relax in your kingsize bed with a great book! It’s the key to a great night’s sleep, I swear!

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