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July 4th signals another big step towards the return of normal life, or at least something that resembles it. If you’re planning to meet a partner you don’t live with for the first time since March, the excitement is already at fever pitch.

However, the impacts of Covid-19 will linger for a long time. As strange as it sounds, it will be necessary to plan and prepare for your forthcoming catch-up. Here are some simple steps to help you get back into the swing of things in style.

Step One: Find A Suitable Venue

The pubs are opening, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to flock there. They will be busy, and the experience will be far different from normal. Crucially, most venues will have designated time slots. So, if one of you isn’t the best at timekeeping, you might want to look elsewhere.

Besides, even with social distancing in place, the crowd of people may feel overwhelming after months of being at home. A picnic in the park, a walk along the canal, or a garden BBQ may be better solutions. If nothing else, you’ll be able to hear yourselves talk and can avoid clock watching.

A number of outdoor attractions are open once more, including theme parks. So, if you’re looking for a memorable day out, that’s something to consider too.

Step Two: Show You’ve Thought About Them

In truth, you’ve probably had plenty of Zoom quizzes and Facetime conversations over the past few weeks. Still, meeting face-to-face for the first time in weeks may feel a little alien. A clear display that they’ve been in your thoughts is a great way to draw a line under the lockdown awkwardness.

If you missed their birthday or another celebration, give them a gift. Baroque pearl earrings with their birthstone is a great option to show that you hadn’t forgotten about her big day. Or for a man, a watch is ideal. Perhaps more importantly, you must make the conversation cover both of your lives. Not just yours.

Your virtual companionship during this time has been as vital for them, as theirs has been for you. The first human interaction in weeks is a time to celebrate it.

Step Three: Think Beyond This Meeting

The harsh reality is that dating can’t go straight back to normality. There are restrictions on what you can do, in terms of places you can visit as well as simple things like hugs. The fact you each have friends and relatives to see should not be overlooked either.

It may result in only seeing each other on a semi-frequent basis over the coming weeks. In truth, those baby steps back to normality may be a good thing. However, you should continue to support each other with ideas of how to stay occupied while stuck inside. This can include more virtual dates.

There is a strong chance that you’ll return home thinking that things weren’t quite normal. Don’t panic. It is to be expected. Give it a few meetings more, and it’ll feel like you were never apart.



  • July 16, 2020

    It’s really strange isn’t it not seeing your partner for so long?! I didn’t see my boyfriend for a long time after we were allowed to meet people outside – it made our relationship a bit of a strange one for a while.
    These are great steps x


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