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If you are in home isolation, then you know what it feels like to spend a lot of time indoors. Not only are you realising what you miss about the city but you’re also likely looking forward to travelling after COVID-19. You’re also looking forward to doing some renovations, especially the ones you’ve put off for so long. Here are some great ideas to start thinking about for your house.

Finish the Basement

An unfinished basement is great for storage, but it can also become a living space when you renovate it. From insulating the walls to selecting flooring and finishing the ceiling, there are several steps to transform the space and create a wonderful finished look. You might even create an apartment in the basement for your adult child.

Bathroom Additions

If you’re tired of using an outdated bathroom to shower every morning, now you can modernise it and create a luxurious or boho atmosphere that makes is great for the entire household. Furthermore, your home reno can be a green one, improving water efficiency and decreasing your family’s eco-footprint. For example, consider installing a low-flow faucet.

Transform the Garage

There are many ways to remodel the garage if you have one. For example, you might add an organisational unit that features cabinets, drawers, and baskets to store tools, car cleaning supplies, and more. Add a workbench, if DIY projects are a passion of yours. Alternatively, turn the garage into a kid’s playroom if you don’t have a basement.

Custom Reno for the Bedroom

A custom-designed wardrobe in the bedroom adds a great-looking, useful place for storing clothes and making them easily accessible. When you choose wardrobes sydney for the project, there are many options for your built-in wardrobe, from the colours to the styles and materials. Get the dream wardrobe you’ve been wanting for so long in the bedroom.

Doing Renovations that Increase Property Value

If you are doing the home renovations because you want to increase your house’s value to sell it now or soon, then you’ll want to know which ones provide the best return on investment. In other words, which home improvement products will increase the sale price the most?

The research indicates that remodelling the kitchen, adding another bathroom, and getting more utility out of a room are all ways to increase value in a property. Adding energy-efficient windows and a deck are also ideas to consider.

Adding a custom addition in a room is often more affordable than people realise, which means it is a smart investment that adds value. Of course, there are things to avoid too, such as going deluxe with the kitchen, which probably won’t provide you with the return on investment.

Final Words on Home Renovations

When you are considering how to improve your home, look at ways to enhance property value as well as boosting your family’s enjoyment of the living space. The upgrades that improve your lifestyle and look great are ones to focus on when it comes time to picking reno projects.


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