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A guide to mockup files

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Want to start making some extra cash? Or perhaps you’re ready to quit the 9-5 in favour of a more flexible way of life.

I’ve been making my money online from anywhere in the world for the past two years now. To be completely honest, I was bored of office life, and it didn’t suit me. I think many of us simply go through the motions of school, college, university, office job. For a while, I just got on with it and looked forward to my paycheck on the last day of the month, but after a while, the stability of that paycheck wasn’t enough to keep me motivated.

I craved freedom, working for myself, making the rules, and unlimited earning potential.

Before I made the leap into self-employment, I read and read and read other people’s experiences of the sought after that enviable ‘digital nomad‘ lifestyle. For so long it felt unattainable to me, but the more I scoured blog posts and read Instagram captions, I started to think, why not me? One thing that kept cropping up was the importance of BRANDING and creating multiple income streams.

An income stream could be, for example, selling a product or making money from your blog. To do this, you need to not only enahnce your own skillset, but you need to look professional too. This is where mockup files come in…

What is a mockup file?

Mockup files and branding templates are undoubtedly one of the keys to success online. Having your branding on point will make you easily recognisable, set you aside from the competition, and also install additional trust in your potential customers. Mockup files can be anything from a t shirt mock up where you can place your designs or even a social media kit where you can input your details/images and create consistency across your channels. It basically makes branding easy peasy.

How can I use a mockup file for making money?

I’ve recently been reading lots of inspiring stories from individuals making money from selling items such as slogan sweatshirts, mugs, and t-shirts – some purely just through Instagram! Trending topics always sell well, for example, a vegan related phrase or well-known quotes from classic TV series such as Friends. Not sure where to start when it comes to selling products online? Not got a degree in graphic design? The good news is, you really don’t need one. On Design Bundles, you can create a mockup logo and also buy mockups for t-shirts, sweaters, and pretty much everything else! Eliminating the need to either sharpen your product photography skills or hire a professional product photographer, it really will save you both time and money. You can purchase branding logo kits too which can help to give you and your brand or product a professional look.

Design Bundles have quite literally THOUSANDS of different options for your project and are the ultimate destination for helping you to make money online. Whether it’s through buying mockups for a product (e.g. a mug), a media kit to promote your blog, or a branding package to take your business to the next level.

Are mockup files expensive?

The good news is, mockup files won’t break the bank. Prices do vary with files, depending on what it is you’re looking for, but on Design Bundles you can expect to pay around £10 for a logo branding kit, and as low as £3.24 for a t-shirt mockup. Check out the below examples of mockup files…

a guide to mockup files

Are mockup files useful for bloggers?

If you want to attract brands and pitch for paid work then yes, absolutely. Branding is SO important for bloggers, and having a consistent ‘look’ across all of your platforms will definitely help you to stand out. Not only this, but an epic media kit will also help. A media kit essentially gives an overview of both you and your website including; your niche, stats, testimonials, packages, pricing and it should SELL you as a blogger. If Photoshop is not your friend and graphic design doesn’t come naturally to you, this is where a branding mockup/template file will help.

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