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eco friendly period products

Post in collaboration with Natracare

Over the past few years, perhaps more, I’ve been working hard to make changes to my lifestyle that enable me to live a more eco-friendly existence. In 2016 I made the switch from vegetarian to vegan, and it was at this point that I started to pay much more attention to my everyday choices. It was a dietary change that transformed into a lifestyle makeover. Whilst I’m not totally plastic free or zero waste, I’m trying my hardest where possible. From reducing my consumption (ASOS hauls are a thing of the past) to choosing personal care products that are made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

On my quest to live a more sustainable life, I’ve discovered some fantastic local zero-waste/refill stores and I’m determined to reduce my personal impact on the environment as much as possible.

eco friendly period products

One thing I’ve struggled with is my period.

I’ve often felt a feeling of guilt that I’ve been continuing to use products that aren’t reusable such as cups and material pads, but they just aren’t for me. It wasn’t such a problem when I was on the pill, but now I’m contraceptive free (there’s another blog post in that but just as a side note I am not trying for a baby!) I have regular periods and can’t just keep on taking my pill and pretending such things don’t exist.

It wasn’t until Natracare reached out to me, that I discovered that you can still work towards a more sustainable period, even without the reusables. The Natracare product range consists of pads, tampons, liners and wipes. There’s also a maternity range for mamas too. I was genuinely stoked to find products that fit my ethos so well.

Did you know the average period is loaded with plastic? Choosing plastic-free pads and tampons allows skin to breathe, and reduces our plastic pollution. As well as being plastic-free, the Natracare products are also certified by the vegan society, yay, something which most of the ‘mainstream’ sanitary products are not! That’s a huge tick in my books and a relief to know that I’m not supporting animal testing when purchasing items for my period.

eco friendly period products

Better for the planet, better for the animals, but also better for you! It’s so important that we’re aware of the chemicals that are making contact with our skin, especially in intimate areas. Natracare use only 100% certified organic cotton, which means no nasty toxins or pesticides. You can also rest easy knowing that the pads and tampons are chlorine-free, I was shocked to find out that many period products are in fact BLEACHED with chlorine which is harmful to both the environment and our health. Why? Just WHY!

I used the Natracare tampons exclusively during my last period (which was a total bitch!) and I had absolutely no issues with them at all, actually, I preferred them to my usual brand that I pick up in Tesco. I’m officially converted and so much happier for it. If, like me, you want to enjoy an eco-friendly period that’s better for your personal health, the planet and its beings, then I’d recommend you discover the Natracare product range.

Find out more about Natracare here

Where to buy Natracare? You can find Natracare products in Waitrose stores and online at Ocado, Ethical Superstore, Amazon and Abel & Cole.


  • March 11, 2020

    These sound great and they’re not a bad price either! x


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