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Petplan advent calendar

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Christmas is just around the corner, and my organisational skills are pretty admirable this year I must say. Charlie’s presents are on the way, I ordered my mum’s back in October, so it’s just my son that I need to buy for. When I say my son, I of course mean my furry one. Buster. Every year I buy Buster a festive treat, whether it’s a new piece of rabbit furniture for his bedroom (yes, he has his own room) or a stocking full of bunny treats. Buster is a lover of his creature comforts. At almost seven years old, he’s not a young bunny anymore, so instead of chewing up the carpets, these days he prefers to kick back and relax by a warm radiator. Preferably with a treat, his favourites are fenugreek crunchies in case you’re listening, Santa.

This year, the UK’s most recognised pet insurance provider, Petplan, have launched a super fun Pet Advent Calendar where you can win some amazing treats for your furry friends! Every day brings a chance to win a pressie, with some days boasting over 100 prizes available. There are tonnes of pawtastic prizes to win from grooming brushes, to pet stockings and even a weekend away with your pooch! Be sure to follow Petplan on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the goodies on offer.

With pet gifting in mind, I’ve been scouring the web for some gifts that I know Buster will love! Shopping for bunnies requires a little more research and effort than dogs, although I must say, as the years go by there does appear to be more and more options available for buns. I’ve found some great pressies on my search, so if you’re a fellow bunny owner, you might be interested in these too…

The Bunny Box

I discovered the Bunny Box on Facebook and absolutely love the concept. You can either subscribe or buy a box individually to gift to your bun. Each box contains a selection of goodies that are safe for rabbits including a grassy carrot, willow spiral and playball. The Christmas Box looks great, but be quick, I hear they tend to sell-out!

Manor Pet Housing Creations

Manor Pet Housing is hands-down one of the best companies out there for rabbit enrichment. Buster has a few of their creations already, including their forts which he loves to sit on top of. I’ve had my eye on the Bunny Express which I think Buster would love. Everything I’ve had from Manor Pet has been superb in terms of quality, and much more solid compared to some of the cheaper competitors. If you’re not looking to spend too much, check out their range of smaller toys. The sisal board looks like a great boredom breaker.

Living World Teach ‘n Treat Puzzle Toy

This is a fantastic gift for intelligent bunnies, Arthur and Binky (both are over the rainbow bridge) used to love these! It provides an interesting way to search for treats, and keeps them occupied and engaged. I used to love watching Binky (Buster’s brother) know exactly what to do, whilst Buster struggled a little bit but got there in the end. At just £10.99 it’s a great affordable bunny gift.

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Images from Petplan

Bunny Crackers

Of course, you don’t have to splash the cash to treat your bunnies to a gift they’ll love. Many will be delighted with a fresh cardboard box to get their teeth into. Why not look to create your own homemade gift this year? I love these Bunny Crackers, which you can make using loo rolls, handfuls of fresh hay and their favourite veggie treats such as spinach, kale, or in Buster’s case, flat-leaf parsley. He HATES curly leaf parsley. Spoilt?

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