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This winter, if you are looking to get away for a holiday or even just for a short break, there are plenty of options of places to go to. Places which are fabulous in winter, in fact some of them are even at their best during the winter months despite the cold weather. So, if you need some inspiration of where to go this winter then look no further and start packing your bags now. 



Iceland is dreamy in the winter. Not only does it cost less to go in winter and you don’t have to deal with as many crowds, it’s also not as cold as people think it is. Winter is the best time to see what Iceland has to offer such as the Northern Lights, a spectacular light show in the sky which features various hues of green sprinkled among the stars. You’ll also experience short winter days which means you’ll have a better chance of catching them. 


The Canary Islands

If you fancy warmer temperatures then head to the Canary Islands where you will find a sub-tropical climate as the islands stay a around 20°C when the rest of Europe is practically freezing. There are also seven islands to choose from depending on what you’re after but there’s plenty of beautiful beaches as well as volcanic landscapes and as the seven islands offer something different there really is something for everyone. 


Krakow in Poland is a magical place to visit in the winter. It is rich in history from the medival ages to today and takes on almost a wonderland appearance in the winter. There is so much to see and do with the ice rinks, the snow, the wonderful food and even better hot chocolate, Krakow tours are a must. You’ll also find traditional christmas markets which you may have seen in other parts of Europe which really adds to the wintery, magical atmosphere. 



The most popular time to visit Mexico is winter and there is good reason for that apart from just the sunshine and the warmth. Winter is also the time where when you can experience traditional Mexican festivals. The holiday season kicks off with the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12 and then it’s almost like non-stop fiestas until el dia de Reyes on January 6. If you visit over winter, you can experience some of Mexico’s varied Christmas traditions such as the Posadas, enjoy the special Christmas foods, and simply join in the fun. Then if you fancy a day off from partying, you can experience wildlife observation as Monarch butterflies are in their wintering grounds in the butterfly reserves of Michoacan and Estado de Mexico from November to February or if you want to see something a little bigger, then Whale watching excursions are offered in Los Cabos from December to April. It’s well worth a trip.

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