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I don’t think a day goes by where I’m not planning a holiday, browsing Skyscanner for bargain flights or sending Charlie pictures on Whatsapp of destinations I’m subtly convincing him we need to visit. We haven’t had a ‘big’ holiday since our month in California back in 2017. While we’ve had some amazing trips to Ibiza, Boston, Copenhagen, Lisbon and so on, we haven’t done one of our epic longer trips due to the house consuming both our lives and our bank account! With the end of our house renovation in sight, we’ve started discussing what’s next on our travel radar. Our disposable income will be freed up for the fun stuff and not for the likes of flooring and plumbing bills, yippee!

Ever the planner and daydreamer (I can’t help it I’m a Pisces) I’ve already started drawing up my travel goals for 2020 and you could say that I’m getting a little carried away but I’m hoping if I write it down, the universe will deliver.

Here are my top 5 places to go on holiday in 2020…

Alaska, USA

If you’re looking for adventure and stunning natural beauty going on Alaska cruises should definitely be on your travel 2020 short list. Visiting the Hubbard glacier and all of the insanely unspoiled amazing sights that will take your breathe away. National Parks for miles and miles, incredible wildlife and endless activities, Alaska is EPIC. Generally, most tours operate from Mid-May to Mid-September so this is a great time to pencil in an outdoorsy break to Alaska. With 24 national parks, 3000 rivers, 3 million lakes, and half of the worlds glaciers, you will need to ensure adequate pre-trip research and planning.

Go for: Mountains, glaciers, wildlife, soul searching, whale watching, native history, road trips

“There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” – Into The Wild

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Porto, Portugal

Lisbon has had a HUGE moment for the past few years, I feel as though there’s been a massive surge in interest in the beautiful coastal capital city (well, if my Instagram feed is anything to go by), but Porto is definitely stepping into the spotlight. Although less developed than Lisbon, it doesn’t feel as touristy and is a real diamond in the rough. Book a trip before it becomes swarmed with Insta models and selfie-taking tourists! There’s still plenty of history, charming streets and culinary hotspots to enjoy. In fact, Porto is seen as Portugal’s foodie city.

Go for: a relaxed weekend break, delicious food, amazing wine and hidden gems

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Grenada, Caribbean

I recently met a lovely lady from Grenada at a House of Coco meet-up who totally sold this stunning south Caribbean island to me. Touted as the Caribbean’s best kept secret, and judging by the white sandy beaches and natural waterfalls, it won’t be kept a secret for much longer. If you’re into secluded beaches, laid-back vibes and authenticity. Grenada is definitely a fantastic option for you. Getting there is easy too, with direct flights to Grenada twice a week with BA. Although less developed than some Caribbean islands, this only works in Grenada’s favour with unspoiled beauty and rarely crowded beaches. Oh and be sure to add Grand Etang National Park to your itinerary. Paradise awaits…

Go for: Warm weather, beautiful scenery, relaxation and Caribbean cuisine

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Isle of Skye, Scotland

New Zealand or…Scotland? It’s hard to tell from first glance but the Island of Skye is a hikers paradise, with beautiful rugged landscapes offering the perfect chance to explore off the beaten track…and away from emails. If you’re looking for a UK break that allows you to zone out and unwind from daily life, get down to nature and breathe in fresh air, the Island of Skye might be the travel destination for you in 2020. Get your backpack, walking boots and flask at the ready, there’s tonnes of walking trails offering breath-taking natural beauty. Macleods Maiden’s truly looks like a set out of Lord of the Rings…

Go for: Limited phone signal, hiking, whisky tasting, outdoor activities 

where to go in 2020 best holiday destinations

Cinque Terre, Italy

Italy is a country I will never tire of, and Cinque Terre is well-deserving on this list of top 5 locations for 2020. This string of centuries old seaside villages is simply picture perfect and a complete travel dream. Once a hidden gem, it does get quite busy in the summer (and it’s not hard to see why) now so it’s best to visit just before the main summer period starts, or just after to beat the crowds and soak up every inch of the 5 towns; Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Whilst you could visit Cinque Terre as a day excursion from Florence, if you want to enjoy this beautiful area without rushing back for your minibus, then it’s definitely worth staying a couple of nights.

Go for: Photo opportunities, pizza, pasta, more pizza and more pasta 

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Where is on your travel list for 2020?


  • September 22, 2019

    Skye is wonderful but I recommend going in the off season. It’s not built for the over tourism it receives in the summer x


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