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I don’t think a day goes by where I’m not planning a holiday, browsing Skyscanner for bargain flights or sending Charlie pictures on Whatsapp of destinations I’m subtly convincing him we need to visit. We haven’t had a ‘big’ holiday since our month in California back in 2017. While we’ve had some amazing trips to Ibiza, Boston, Copenhagen, Lisbon and so on, we haven’t done one of our epic longer trips due to the house consuming both our lives and our bank account! With the end of our house renovation in sight, we’ve started discussing what’s next on our travel radar. Our disposable income will be freed up for the fun stuff and not for the likes of flooring and plumbing bills, yippee!

Ever the planner and daydreamer (I can’t help it I’m a Pisces) I’ve already started drawing up my travel goals for 2020 and you could say that I’m getting a little carried away but I’m hoping if I write it down, the universe will deliver.

Come on universe, I’m counting on you…

An Alaskan cruise

I joined a few travel groups on Facebook recently, and the topic of going on Alaska cruises has popped up a few times, resulting in this beautiful destination shooting straight to the top of my ‘places I need to go’ list. We would absolutely LOVE to plan a Canadian road trip as our next big four weeker and tie in an incredible Alaska cruise, visiting the Hubbard glacier and all of the insanely amazing natural sights. If you’ve been to Alaska before I would love to hear all about your experiences so please do drop me a message.

A Lisbon to Porto road trip

Lisboncaptured my heart like no other, and it’s a city I am dying to head back to as soon as possible. I would absolutely love to rent out an Airbnb for a week or so and soak up as much of the city as I possibly can. I’m yet to visit Porto so jumping in a car and making a road trip out of it would be my dream. Luckily for me, all of my work is online based so I can essentially work anywhere in the world as long as I have decent internet connection. Checking my emails on a rustic balcony down a Porto side street has a certain charm that Cambridgeshire just doesn’t match!

A January in the Caribbean

It’s Charlie’s 30ththis December and to celebrate we’re hiring out a country house for a weekend of partying with a big group of our friends, but I’d also really love us to do something together. Every January we moan that we didn’t book a holiday to escape the blues and dreadful weather. This January we’re hoping to book a couple of weeks away to celebrate Charlie turning 30 and getting out of the UK during the most depressing tine of the year. I haven’t actually been to the Caribbean before but St Lucia looks breath-taking!

A Scotland road trip

A much more realistic travel goal, a road trip around the beautiful Scottish Highlands! I haven’t explored Scotland nearly as much as I want to, having only visited Edinburgh. I would love to head off on a week-long road trip with little plans other than to just explore and see where we end up. Not sure if I’ve watched too many horror films for that though…

Discover more of Italy

I absolutely adore Italy, but so far, I’ve only been to Rome, Sorrento and Cefalu. I had an amazing time on each trip and it’s always on my list to discover more of this gorgeous country. Turin, Venice and Cinque Terre are all on my wish list and fingers crossed I get to cross off one more in 2020! With flights being relatively cheap, I’m aiming to squeeze in two Italian adventures. Bring me all the pizza and pasta, baby!

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