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the best instagram spots in Boston Massachusetts

I’ve recently returned from a brilliant long weekend in Boston, and I am SO in love with that city! When I booked the flights I didn’t know all that much about Boston but Norwegian Air were having a huge sale and well, the rest is history. I’m going to put together a city guide detailing the best things to do and places to go etc. but I thought I’d kick off my mini Boston series with the best Instagram spots in the city. I don’t book trips based on Instagram potential, sure, that’s a bonus but I wasn’t expecting Boston to actually be so erm…Insta friendly. Gahh I hate myself. Anyway let’s take a look at the best Instagram spots in the beautiful city of Boston.

The Best Instagram Spots & Locations in Boston Massachusetts

Acorn Street

We stumbled across Acorn street when walking around the lovely Beacon Hill area, it’s basically just a super cute cobbled road with a slightly weathered American flag blowing in the breeze. I could tell this was an Insta hotspot when I noticed the ‘no commercial photography’ sign. As we were visiting on a very cold and drizzly May Day, it was off season and therefore very quiet. Don’t you just love an empty street when you’re trying to get ‘the shot’? I think Charlie did a pretty good job!

Harvard University

I couldn’t not mention Harvard University in this list! Who do I think I am, Elle Woods? Yep. We decided to walk from our hotel (downtown Boston) to Harvard (Cambridge) which turned out to be a hella long journey, so my advice here friends is simply to get an Uber. It’s less than ten dollars and will save you from shin splints and exhaustion. There are tonnes of great Insta spots around the Harvard Campus with many a grand building to pose in front of.


Tatte Bakery

Tatte Bakery is a much-loved small chain of Boston based bakeries with very Instagram friendly interiors. Fresh, contemporary, with a rustic twist is how I would best describe them. They seemed to pop up everywhere we went in Boston and they were always packed with both locals and visitors. Charlie enjoyed a Tatte croissant on a morning stroll but unfortunately they didn’t do much in the way of vegan friendly options.


Fenway Park

Now, I’m not the biggest baseball fan by any means but there’s a certain buzz about heading to a game. Everyone is excited, it’s loud, overwhelming, and kinda fun! Fenway Park is the USA’s oldest baseball stadium, so we were excited to visit. We scored tickets for Red Sox vs Seattle Mariners for around $75 each and I of course had to get a few shots to mark the occasion. Fenway Park is pretty walkable from most parts of the city, from downtown it took us around 45 minutes, but if you’re already in the Newbury Street area then it’s not too far at all. Did I spent $10 on a foam finger just for an Instagram picture? Ha….maybe.


Boston Common

Boston Common is a central public park located in downtown Boston. It’s a beautiful green space complete with water features, lakes and even a merry-go-round (this was unfortunately fenced off when we went otherwise I would definitely have got a shot!). Dating back to 1634, it’s the oldest public park in the United States. In the summer, it would be great to hire out one of the boats but it was pretty cold when we were visiting so we just had a stroll through. There’s plenty of photo opportunities and lots of flowers and bridges that would provide a very cute background.


Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill was probably my favourite area of Boston, it has such an English feel which is probably why Boston is so popular with ex-pats. Think brown bricks, cobbled paths, boutiques and cute front doors! It’s an Instagram jackpot, and a beautiful location to enjoy an afternoon stroll. You could take it to the next level and complete your shot with a Harvard University jumper and be as cool as me. Lol.


Downtown Crossing

Our hotel (the Hyatt Regency, it was ok, wouldn’t recommend though) was located on the downtown crossing which is a bustling area of Boston city, but definitely not my favourite part. China town is just around the corner though and there are a couple of vegan restaurants/takeouts there. If you happen to be wandering through then be sure to snap an Instagram pic in front of the Paramount sign. We used this as a ‘oh we must be close to the hotel’ signal through the trip.


Every Street in Salem

Seriously, who knew Salem was so Instagrammable? Although not technically in Boston, Salem is only a half hour train ride away and SO worth a visit. I’m going to touch on this further in another blog post but I basically just love Salem. The streets feel like you’re stepping back in time to 1950’s America, and we loved it! The buildings are beautiful and they have so many interesting houses in all different instagrammable pastel shades. Can you tell how happy I am in the pic haha!?


South Station Area

Charlie took this whilst I was completely unaware and I actually love this photo! The city skyscrapers in the background look great and it was taken just outside of Boston’s South Station after we had gone into check out the bus times for our trip to Cape Cod. Boston is a very clean city and I think this image definitely confirms this. It almost felt like a movie set at times….

These are just some of the best spots in Boston worth heading to for a few ‘gram snaps and I hope if you’ve not considered Boston as a city break option before, that you might be tempted to now! It’s a truly wonderful city and definitely somewhere I will return to. Keep an eye out for my Boston City guide coming soon.

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