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Writing this post seems a little daunting, over the past year or so I’ve felt quite disconnected to my blog. I’ve still hit publish on the occasional post but blogging has been sporadic at best. I think it’s largely down to two reasons; time and confusion. I’ve struggled with time to sit down and blog, but not just time to write up a post and append a few images to it. Time to clear my mind well enough to allow inspiration in, time to actually sit down and think about posts, and plan a content schedule. This leads onto the mild confusion I’ve felt with this blog.

I think I’m having a small identity crisis.

Am I style blogger? A travel blogger? A vegan blogger? For the past 2-3 years my blog has definitely gravitated towards travel and I think this is a combination of my interests changing and the evolving world of fashion blogging. We no longer stick up a post to share where our items are from, I feel those posts have died a death in all honesty. Style posts are now accompanied with thought provoking pieces and copy that delves a little deeper than where I bought my roll neck jumper from. That’s fine, and I do enjoy consuming content like this every so often but it isn’t really me. I do have thoughts, but I’m also quite reserved and don’t necessarily spill my heart online.

Instead I found that I actually enjoyed writing about travel, and I was spending less money on clothes and more on flights. I feel that I really found my way here, that was until I bought a house which needed (well, needs) a massive renovation. When I say massive I mean we tore it back to bricks and have absolutely EVERYTHING is being replaced. Whilst I’ve still been able to book trips here and there it has effected how often I can spontaneously book flights after a Skyscanner search.

So I feel I’m in a sort of limbo of having found a path for my blog but also being at a point where I’m undertaking a ridiculously expensing house project that is all consuming.

And then there’s our pal Instagram. My Instagram has remained style based, and that’s mostly because they’re the posts that do well. It kind of bugs me that this is the case, but previously when I’ve played around with my theme and the content I publish, posts that don’t have a human in them always seem to flunk. I hope to combine posts of me with more travel related content once the house is done and my schedule frees up a little. I have lots of travel plans in the works!

I also decided to set up a new Instagram for everything vegan related both home and abroad which I think will satisfy my frustration with having to stick a well flowing feed. This account is not polished, it’s not edited, it’s simply on-the-go snaps of vegan food and finds. I hope you’ll come along and follow!

In terms of life outside blogging, at the moment it’s quite busy. I went fully self-employed back in August, which is something I haven’t really discussed on here but it’s been a mixture of amazing and terrifying. I think everything happens for a reason, and I’m glad I took the plunge but it’s a real rollercoaster ride. Perhaps worthy of a separate blog post?

My plans for the near future look a little like the following…

  1. Keep going with the never-ending house renovation
  2. Book flights to Porto for my birthday in March
  3. Move my blog from Blogger to WordPress
  4. Stick to a regular(ish) posting schedule
  5. Build my new vegantillytravels Instagram

Phew, this was longer than I had imagined but also therapeutic to sit and write down my thoughts. Thanks for sticking around, and here’s to a positive blogging filled 2019…

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