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I can’t quite believe the year is coming to a close, I feel like it was just getting started and then bam, it’s December and I’m not sure what happened. 2018 has been a year of ups and downs, it’s probably the most stressful year I’ve ever had and sort of resembles the Stealth rollercoaster at Thorpe Park with the highest highs and the lowest lows. I have a post in draft that I never hit publish on, it was honest, raw and at a point where I was really struggling this year. Social media offers a highlight reel of our lives, and whilst I might be enjoying trips abroad and showing you my new clothes, I also felt desperately lost in life and not sure where I was going.

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I suffered hugely with anxiety for the first time in my life. I’ve felt anxious before, that’s a feeling familiar with me but I’d never experienced ongoing anxiety like this, to the point I was physically sick, experiencing chest pains, loss of breath and issues with my sleep. Whilst I wouldn’t claim to be feeling 100% again, I have been taking steps to reduce these feelings and remind myself that everything is ok.

A couple of months back, Zenflore got in touch to ask whether I would interested in trialing their new pro-biotic formulated to combat the signs of everyday stress. Just when I was having a bad week, this email popped into my inbox and it was a really strange, but welcome coincidence. Eager to learn more and give this a go myself, I was sent a packet of Zenflore to trial for four weeks and share my results.

Wondering where to buy Zenflore? Zenflore is available to buy online hereĀ 

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What is Zenflore?

The Zenflore probiotic is a natural supplement that is free from most common allergens including gluten, dairy and soy. It contains 1714-Serenitas which increases the areas of activity in the brain associated with learning, emotions and memory as well as reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Zenflore works by becoming part of your gut microbiota and essentially plays a role in the dialogue between your gut and your brain, also know as the ‘gut-brain axis’. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut produces more than 50% of the dopamine and 90% of the serotonin found in the body? Research shows that a gut with a healthy microbiota is a strong predictor for both emotional and mental health.

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So how did I get on?

I took one capsule of Zenflore every morning with breakfast, it can be taken at any time of the day either with or without food. I wanted to give a fair review of this product which is why I trialed it for four weeks before sharing my thoughts.

I’d say it took around a week to start feeling any effects from taking Zenflore, the main difference I noticed at first was improved sleep. I can honestly say I have never in my life suffered with poor sleep, or any sleep issues at all. I used to be the kind of person where my head hit the pillow and I was out for eight hours. This year has been a struggle with my sleep but I feel like it’s finally getting back on track thanks to both Zenflore and other steps I’ve been taking to help me feel calmer.

After three weeks I started to notice a big different in my overall mood, I felt less irritable, not as worried and as though I got a sense of clarity back. I have definitely noticed a positive impact on my stress levels, which I definitely think Zenflore has played a part in. As well as taking the probiotic I have also been reading several books that have helped with my anxiety levels, practicing meditation, and getting out of the house more even if only for a brisk walk. Being self employed can be great, but it can also leave you feeling a little lonely and isolated at times which I think has made my anxiety worse at times.

I’ve ordered another box of Zenflore and I’ll be sure to update you over on my Instagram stories about how I’ve got on and if I still feel that it is having a positive impact on my stress and anxiety. I’m feeling positive for 2019 and look forward to what the new year will bring.

Wondering where to buy Zenflore? Zenflore is available to buy online hereĀ 

*post in collaboration with Zenflore but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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