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Christmas is officially here, and yes, I am already very much absorbed into the festive season. I try to not get too swept away with Christmas until December but I’ve already rinsed the Sky Christmas channel and it’s the 19th November so here we are.

One thing that I’m yet to do is actually begin Christmas shopping. I’m keeping it low-key this year as renovating the house means that funds are constantly consumed by builders, window-fitters and everything else so I’ll only be gifting those closest to me. When I buy gifts I always try and choose something meaningful. I tend to avoid ‘throwaway’ presents and instead choose a present which hold sentimental value or experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. 

A gift that is always well received and lasts a lifetime is a piece of beautiful, high-quality jewellery. The team at luxury jewellery brand Stephen Einhorn kindly let me pick out a piece to review. I, of course, obliged. 

stephen einhorn 3

Founded in London in 1995, Stephen Einhorn create beautiful handmade and innovate designer jewellery. The personalised service and bespoke offering make them a little different to other jewellery companies and truly standout as a leader in the luxury sustainable jewellery sector thanks to their ethical practices. All materials used are sustainable, packaging is recyclable, water wastage is minimised and their carbon footprint reduced. 

When it comes to jewellery I always tend to veer towards minimalist pieces as opposed to over the top costume jewellery. When I buy gifts for others I follow the same theme and choose pieces that I know they’ll love and I personally love too. 

I chose the gorgeous goat pendant necklace to review, and spoiler alert: I bloody love it.

Impressed from start to finish, I’ve definitely found a new favourite jewellery brand.

stephen einhorn 4
stephen einhorn 2

You may not know but I adore goats, hence the necklace choice. Ever since I discovered the Goats of Anarchy account on Instagram I’ve been a little obsessed with these curious animals. This is the perfect necklace for goat fans and animal lovers.

You can tell it’s of premium quality due to the weight, and the clasp but I was most impressed with the way the necklace arrived. Beautifully packaged in a little white box with a branded ribbon, housed in a Stephen Einhorn gift bag and jewellery care pack including a a little cloth which I thought was a really lovely touch. 

Although I didn’t visit a store and have face-to-face communication with a sales member, the order still felt as though it had that personal touch due to the packaging and hand-written serial number. Nothing about this feels mass produced, and that’s exactly why Stephen Einhorn jewellery should be on your radar this Christmas.

stephen einhorn 5
stephen einhorn 1

For those local to London, you can visit the Islington store on 210 Upper Street. If you’re not in the capital anytime soon, fear not as you’ll enjoy the same level of care from the online shop.

Whether you’re buying for your mum, boyfriend, sister, or best friend, they’re sure to love a piece of premium jewellery that will last for many years to come. It beats socks, huh?

Visit the Christmas Gifts section here, and happy shopping.

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