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*This post is in collaboration with BootRescue

Hello hello! It’s been a while since I’ve published a style post, which is funny given how this is what actually started my blog. Over the past year or two this blog has taken a travel focus, mostly due to the fact I’m addicted to Skyscanner. I’ve been keen to introduce more fashion content again, and what better way to kick that off than with the launch of a brilliant all-natural shoe care brand that has just landed in the UK!

You may or may not have heard of BootRescue, originating from Canada, this is an all-natural brand of boot care that keeps your shoes looking gorgeous. Founded by Canadian fashion lover Tracey Sloga, Tracey was often frustrated by salt ruining her prized possessions. After one particularly bad winter she’d had enough and threw herself into finding a solution. That’s when BootRescue was born.

BootRescue All Natural Vegan Shoe Care Review
Vegan Boot Care Review All Natural
ShoeRescue Review Boot Care Winter
Natural Vegan Shoe Care

I was particularly intrigued by this range of boot care as to be frank, I pretty much LIVE in my Dr Martens over the winter period and I’m trying my best to maintain their appearance and keep them in tip top condition. Likewise, Charlie has a few pairs of boots and shoes that are in need of a little TLC, mostly due to the fact he’s spilt beer on them after one too many pints…

The all-natural, toxic-free and vegan friendly ingredients are super important to me, I try to avoid any nasty chemicals and I’m quite conscious about the products I use. The BootRescue formula whisks away any grime to keep your boots looking their best. You can use them on fabric, suede, leather and delicate nubuck, I’ve been using them on my vegan Dr Martens and wow, you wouldn’t believe the colour of the wipe after I’d used it. Gross! Although I don’t personally wear suede, Charlie used one of the ShoeRescue wipes on his ‘going out’ shoes and they successfully managed to remove the grime and beer stains which we were both impressed by. 

BootRescue Review Natural Shoe Care
Boot Rescue Wipes Review Natural Shoe Care

Boot Rescue Vegan Shoe Care

All of the wipes are recyclable and super convenient in handy handbag size packs! They certainly get the thumbs up from us, and you can WIN a pack of BootRescue products by heading over to my Instagram page. All you need to do is follow me, follow BootRescue and leave a comment on my post featuring the products! 

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