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This post is in collaboration with Leesa

You may remember my blog post from back in January where I reviewed the Leesa Sleep Mattress. I raved about the mattress and how it had transformed both Charlie and I’s sleep. So, nine months on, is this still the case?

Yes, yes it is! 

I am still absolutely over the moon with the mattress, which offers exactly the same level of comfort as it did when we rolled it out from its box back in January (a novelty I very much enjoyed). It offers just the right amount of support, and it hasn’t shown any sign of deteriorating. I’m sure it was last for many more years to come, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress, I would 100% recommend Leesa. They even offer a 100 night risk-free trial, not that you’ll need it, you won’t want to send this back after one night of blissful sleep!

And guess what, they just revealed a brand new product…

Leesa Sleep Pillow 2
Introducing the Leesa pillow, the next step in achieving the bedtime routine of dreams. Perfectly engineered for any sleeping style, the Leesa pillow has been years in the making. Hundreds of prototypes later and the pillow was born. Featuring a micro-fibre outer fill, temperature regulating Outlast and memory foam middles for optimum cooling, comfort and support. I was lucky enough to give it a go! A review that involves sleeping? Count me IN.

Leesa Sleep Pillow 1
Leesa Sleep Pillow 6

I’ve always had an issue with pillows, I’ve gone through about ten in the past couple of years because I always seem to purchase them and find they go flat as a pancake after just a month or so. Turns out I was probably buying the wrong pillows. Who would have thought those ten pound Tesco pillows weren’t actually that effective? Whoops. 

The great thing about the Leesa pillow is its ability to retain shape and structure. Hallelujah. It’s so worth the extra pennies for a pillow that provides support and won’t leave you with chronic neck ache the next day. If like me you work at a computer, the last thing you need is a dodgy neck when you spend enough of your day trying to avoid it. 

The temperature regulation also means you won’t wake up halfway through the night with a need to turn your pillow onto the ‘cool side’. Something I was doing a lot previously!

Leesa Sleep Pillow 7
Leesa Sleep Pillow 3

The winning combination of a dreamy mattress and supportive pillow has transformed my sleep and Charlie’s. With Charlie’s job being very active, he’s always in need of a good nights sleep before another day on his feet, and we both love the mattress. The pillow has caused a few minor arguments, so yes, we’re ordering another…

Sweet dreams!

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