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Hello lovely people, I hope we’re all well and enjoying the festive season? I’m currently sitting curled up in a blanket with the candles flickering as I type. BLISS! So today I’m talking winter fashion (which is quite on-topic given the MASS AMOUNT OF SNOW that is currently in my garden) and my need to stay warm and cosy but also *not* look like Joey when he dresses up in all of Chandler’s clothes.

I love fashion, but I also love not having hypothermia. I’m always one to layer up as much as possible and keep snuggly during these cold and dark months. My coat collection is rather impressive if I do say so myself and winter is most definitely my favourite season for clothing. I never quite know how to dress in summer, but give me single degree temperatures and I’m there with my layers, faux fur and teddy bear coats.

// NICCE Original Hoody //

One item that I definitely could not live without is the essential sweatshirt. Is there anything better than cosying up in your favourite hoody? It’s like receiving a warm hug. But better.

It’s a good job I don’t go out out anymore because…could I wear a sweater to the club?

I’m thinking no. 

From lounging around the house, nipping to the supermarket, to a day of shopping and lunch with your mates. The humble hoody has you covered.

If you’re after contemporary and stylish casual wear, check out one of my favourite streetwear brands NICCE London. Their range of sweatshirts, bodysuits, t shirts and bottoms are absolute wardrobe essentials. The neutral colour palettes are totally up my street too. I adore the nudes, khaki shades and greys which make up about 95% of my own wardrobe.

For a casual yet people-seeing appropriate look (if you can drag yourself away from the sofa and chocolates at this time of the year), team with a pair of loosely tailored trousers, your favourite kicks and your warmest coat.

Staying in? Jeans are not for lounging and I won’t hear any different. Team your hoody with a pair of sweatpants for the ultimate lounge-ready look.

// Hoodies Womens //



// Womens Underwear //

And how about something for underneath? I don’t know about you but I’m all about the comfort when it comes to lingerie (underwire? No thanks!) and these NICCE sets are just perfect. Hint hint…if anyone wants to treat me for Christmas that is MORE THAN OK.

Here’s to being stylish yet cosy this winter season….

*post in collaboration with NICCE.

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