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I always find this time of year so awkward when it comes to choosing what the hell to wear. One minute the sun is shining and the next you’re running for cover from a spontaneous downpour URGH. The shops are full to the brim with beautiful embroidered sundresses, pom-pom sandals and yet we’re still stuck here enjoying a whole e-l-e-v-e-n degrees in May. Joy. 

Thankfully I’m heading to sunnier climates soon, but in the meantime what to wear?

I put together this outfit for a day spent running errands around the city (side note: always weird to refer to Cambridge as a city as it seems far more like a town to me). It was a sunny day yet the wind had different ideas and offered a bitter chill in the air. So with that in mind it was trousers all the way, I actually purchased this pinstripe pair from River Island last year and they’ve been an absolute staple in my wardrobe.

nica bag 1

Desperate to *try* and introduce a summer vibe, I ditched my trusty oversized Zara knits and opted for this off-the-shoulder top from Noisy May via Zalando. In my head the long sleeves would keep me warm, and well, not so much but it was bearable.


nica bag 6nica bag 7

I’m loving straw style bags at the moment, and this style from Nica was 100% up my street. I love the hints of black and all of their bags use faux leather and are therefore vegan friendly, yay!


nica bag 4

Speaking of vegan fashion, one item I’ve struggled with a little is trainers. There are a fair amount of styles out there but I really wanted something that was sports branded and similar to my old favourites, the Stan Smiths. This Kappa pair ticked ALL of the boxes. Sporty, faux leather and the perfect shape. Kappa, for me, brings back a lot of 90s memories but I spied a fair amount of Kappa in Urban Outfitters the other day so hey looks like it’s cool again. They also cost around £30 so I was chuffed.


nica bag 2

Top / Trousers / Bag / Trainers 

How do you deal with transitional dressing? Are you in knitwear until June or do you freeze in the name of fashion? 


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