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If you’ve watched my latest vlog you may have seen Charlie and I recently visited Redemption, a vegan restaurant based in Shoreditch. I first heard about Redemption on the TV show Sunday Brunch, and had been wanting to visit ever since. Charlie surprised me with a reservation on my birthday weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Based just a 5 minute walk from the Ace Hotel, we dropped off our bags and then headed over to the restaurant for some much needed fuel. I loved the decor of the place, it had such a nice vibe and you’ve always got to appreciate a marble table…

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I can’t speak for the evening menu, but the day time menu had lots of super healthy options, although trust me to bypass the healthy raw bowls for pancakes! I’ve got a sweet tooth and I couldn’t wait to try them, surprisingly Charlie opted for a healthier option. We enjoyed a couple of smoothies, mine was a super delicious strawberry and almond milk concoction which looked almost too good to drink. 

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Both of our dishes were delicious, I mean just LOOK at those pancakes! The combination of coconut cream, caramelised pecans an maple syrup was just heavenly. Charlie’s slightly less sweet and healthier option looked fab and he finished every last grain of quinoa so it must have been pretty good!

We’ll definitely be returning to check out the evening menu! Have you ever been to Redemption? You can find them in both Shoreditch & Notting Hill.

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