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I always find myself in a quandary when I’m getting dressed to head to the airport. I try to plan my outfit the night before as to avoid a 5am haze of total confusion and probably a complete meltdown. I want comfort, I’m a girl who has no time for jeans when it comes to travelling but I also don’t want my outfit to scream ‘closest thing to pyjamas’ although don’t get me wrong, it was sweatpants all the way on my 10 hour flight to Florida. 

So what makes for the perfect travel outfit?


A Casual Sweatshirt

I always wear a sweatshirt when travelling, as I’m always so damn cold on flights! Having said that, I’m the kinda girl who still has her heating on in June so y’know. This Calvin Klein sweat is the perfect option, slouchy and comfortable without any pyjama vibes.

Elasticated Trousers

Because do you really want to spend hours sat in the same position wearing anything BUT an elasticated waist? These sweatpant/trouser hybrids from Urban Outfitters are perfect, from the outside they look like your everyday black trouser but are secretly concealing a world of elasticated comfort. The perfect travelling trouser.


A Lightweight Jacket

Unless you’re travelling during the height of summer then a lightweight jacket is always a good idea. Something that you can easily fold up and pack away, but that will offer a little extra warmth if you need it. I love this coach style jacket from Urban Outfitters, perfect to throw over any outfit.


I always, always wear trainers on a flight. If possible I tend to go for a slip on/off style such as the Reebok Furylites I’m wearing in this post as for some reason the scanner ALWAYS goes off when I walk through it. This usually results in me having to tiptoe barefoot through security so a slip on style is much more convenient than faffing around with laces.


A Backpack 

 If possible I like to take a backpack with me as my hand luggage, just so I don’t have to lug around a suitcase and worry about a bag falling off my arm. I also find backpacks to be handy if I’m heading off on a city break, big enough to pack all the essentials leaving me hands free to focus on getting some great snaps or more recently – vlogging.

A Cap

Not a total essential but if I fancy having a sly nap on the plane I find a cap makes me feel less vulnerable to being spotted with my mouth hanging open. Plus caps are surprisingly awkward to pack so it just makes sense to wear it and and style it out as part of your airport attire.

What outfit do you usually travel in? Are you comfort all the way or do you prefer to go glam?

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