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I’m a big old January cliché.

This month I joined the gym, yep, I’m one of those eager New Years gym joiners that the regulars sneer at and pass comments over social media on (mainly looking at Facebook, my Twitter is mostly full of supportive sistas). Oh maaa guuud so many newbies at the gym I can’t use my fave exercise machine. Zzzzzz.

Yeah, I could have picked a better time to join because boy is it a busy place in January but I’m so over this negative opinion of January resolutions and individuals deciding to make positive changes. 

I’ve been a gym member before, twice actually. That was when I was a student and had all the time in the world, but now I work full time and run this little thang free time is a reaaaal struggle. This is what mainly held me back from joining, but I’m actually much more interested in taking part in the classes that are on offer as part of the membership package. I’ve wanted to get back into pilates for ages, and also join a yoga session. Towards the end of last year I was in a haze of exhaustion, I was letting almost all aspects of my life slide and not putting my all into key areas such as my blog which really took a backseat. 

I’m hoping by attending new exercise classes it will get me oomphed up (is that a word?) and motivated again. It ties in nicely with the resolution I made in 2015, and one I hoped to finally pursue this year of gaining a new hobby or two that more specifically don’t involve a screen. I spend a LOT of time at the computer, it’s my 9-5 and then I get home and switch my laptop on, and then there’s the endless Instagram scrolling…

I hope that yoga will enable me to truly switch off, as well as benefiting my health and hopefully helping me to tone up. I don’t have massive weight loss goals I just want to feel happier, as healthy as can be and motivated. And I also wouldn’t mind looking like Jane Fonda at 79.

So here’s to a new 2017 hobby, and hopefully a lifestyle that’s a little more centred around exercise and a little less focussed on Netflix binges. Who am I kidding? There’s room for both. 

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