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Eeek, a few days later than usual but my Christmas haze meant that I totally lost track of what day it was and what planet I was on. Anyway I thought I’d still post as I’m trying so hard to stick to this monthly roundup and it’s technically still the first week of January so HEY. 

December all seems a bit of a blur now, a a blur of Christmas films, songs and festive excitement. I’m still in a little post-Christmas blues bubble but here’s to hoping I snap out of that soon. My favourites this month include a few lovely gifts I was kindly given for Christmas – so let’s have a little snoop…

New Scents – Diptyque Mimosa Spray, Diptyque Orangerie Candle, N.16 Musk & Tobacco Candle

It’s no huge surprise I’m a big lover of overprice candles, something my boyfriend has never quite understood but what can I say? A fresh Diptyque candle provides me with unrivalled joy. I was lucky enough to receive both a room spray and new candle for Christmas, as well as a musk & tobacco candle by N.16 which is a really deep masculine scent – my fave. 

zara sale buys
Zara Sale Buys

I was doing SO well with my ‘no sale shopping’ mantra until the Zara sale happened and triggered some sort of chain reaction that brought about even more shopping. GAH. Why is it so hard? So two of my favourite piece I picked up were the gingham top with bell sleeves (see it on my Instagram for a better idea) and the oversized shirt. I’d had my eye on the shirt for a while as I just loved that simple metal circle detailing so when I saw it on the sale rail I swooped like I’d never swooped before. 

new reads
New Reads

Is there anything more exciting than researching a new destination? It might be the travel geek in me but I love buying a hard copy city guide! Charlie surprised me with a trip to Paris for Christmas and I’ve been having a read of the Paris book he popped in my stocking. We’ll also be hitting up America for a month this year so I bought a few Wallpaper city guides as they show you the coolest spots with my kind of aesthetic. The Kindle was kindly bought by my boss for a Christmas present so I’ll be downloading some of my faves and hopefully reading more this year!

alexi jewel necklaceAlexi Jewel Prism Necklace

Last month I included Alexi in one of my Christmas gift guides, after discovering them whilst on a hunt for new jewellery brands. The prism necklace hasn’t left my neck since I received it, it’s such a simple, minimalist piece that can be worn everyday. Alexi are definitely worth checking out if you’re after a new necklace, beautiful rings or perhaps a gift! 

harry potter muggle quote print
Harry Potter Quote Print

Don’t we all just love a bit of Harry Potter? And if you don’t, leave. I joke, but seriously I used to be *obsessed* with Harry Potter growing up. I had all the stuffed toys, figurines and god knows what else. Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (TAKE ME BACK) in 2015 was a dream come true so yeah I guess you could say I’m a pretty big fan. This super cute quote print was a gift from my work Secret Santa and it couldn’t be more perfect! 

travel planning scratch mapTravel Scratch Map

I’ve wanted one of these scratch maps for ages and funnily enough received one for Christmas. I’m no full time traveller (one day maybe…) but luckily enough my partner also loves to visit new places too so I thought it would be fun for us to scratch off all the countries we go to together. Best get booking some more of those flights…cough cough Charlie if you’re reading this.

niomi smart book
Niomi Smart – Eat Smart

I only recently discovered Niomi Smart, and Charlie must have spyed me perusing her new book in the store as I had a copy wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree! As you’ll all know from my frequent tweets (soz), I do live a vegan lifestyle and this book is all plant-based so I’m looking forward to trying out new recipes. I’ve become much more adventurous in my cooking since turning vegan and actually enjoy it more than ever. I’ll report back with any successes! 

What were you loving in December? Feel free to leave a link below.

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