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I know, I know. Sucked into a trend, but I had a feeling puffa jackets were going to make a comeback this year. I purchased a grey style in the sale back in Feb and we immediately became BFFs. It’s *almost* as good as leaving the house in a duvet, and THAT I can get on board with. What’s not to love about these giant oversized hugs of warmth?

Sure, they’re a total man repeller but when have I ever let that get in my way? Think flatforms, culottes, yeah you get the idea. If an item of clothing is confusing and unattractive to the opposite sex then I’m usually sure to love it. 

I actually sized up in this already pretty oversized coat as there were no size 10’s left. I don’t mind though, give me that extra padded goodness.

H&M puffa jacket 4
h&m puffa jacket 7

h&m puffa jacket 1
H&M puffa jacket 6
H&M puffa jacket 3
H&M puffa jacket 5

H&M Puffa Jacket / Missguided Knit / Asos Trousers / Zara Shoes / Zara Bag

One issue I found when I was seeking out the perfect puffa was quite a few of them contain down. I don’t buy anything with down as it’s very cruel and I actually don’t think people realise that! Anyway this H&M number is all handmade materials so it pretty much had me leaping to the till. 

I also made a Misguided order for the first time in at least a year, sometimes I find the quality a little disappointing but I was actually over the moon with this knit. It’s a great fit and was only about £25. I also ordered a coat but it arrived so scrunched up it was unwearable, you win some you lose some I guess.

More from me soon!

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