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So a week or two back I created a poll on Twitter to ask you guys whether or not you’d like to see a vegan food haul post. 70% said yes and I had quite a few comments and emails from vegans, new vegans and people thinking about going vegan that wanted to see this, so here we are!

Since going vegan my food shop has definitely changed. I used to eat a lot of cheese, and to be honest my diet as a vegetarian was pretty unhealthy. It consisted of lots of pizza, veggie burgers and pasta. I rarely branched out and my intake of veggies wasn’t all that great. 

Since going vegan I’ve found a new enthusiasm for food and home cooking. I am much more switched on with my diet and eat lots of the good stuff. Veggies, beans, lentils, nuts and so on. So here’s a little look at what an average weekly shop looks like for me. Obviously I haven’t included EVERYTHING, but I’m thinking of also doing a few posts that focus on specific areas such as my favourite dairy replacements, fake meats and so on.

vegan food haul main

My shopping tends to happen in a mix of different places, I find that I have to go to a few different stores now to get the certain items that I want. For this particular shop I went to Asda (this was my first Asda shop but I wanted to try the vegan mince), as well as Revital (a health food shop in Cambridge) and Aldi. I find that Aldi is great for fruit and veg, but I usually have to go to Tesco or Asda in this case for more specific vegan items. Tesco is surprisingly great for vegan – their ice creams are GOOD.

vegan food haul 2
My staples always include almond milk from Aldi – as it’s only 99p, plenty of fresh veg to make curries, avocados, coconut milk, plenty of beans to make chilli’s and items such as passata for making my own pizza and vegan cheese, or should I call it Gary? 

Vegan cheese always gets a bad rep and I won’t lie when I first went vegan I thought it was going to be a real issue for me. The longer I went without animal cheese the more I actually loved vegan cheese and there are SO many brands you’re bound to find one you like. 

vegan food haul 8
One of my faves is this Mozarisella which I discovered in Zizzi as it’s actually the vegan cheese they use! I find it has a lovely creamy taste and texture. I use it on pizza and in pasta too. I think it’s around £4 which I know is costly but it lasts a while and I only have it around once a week usually. 

vegan food haul 7
I’m a huge fan of Tyne Chease and couldn’t sing their praises more! It’s a real treat at £7.95 but worth every single penny. It’s gorgeous on crackers and my favourite flavour is Ethiopian spice. It’s kind of like a hard soft cheese which I know doesn’t really make sense but just trust me on this one!

Beansprouts to add into my salads.
vegan food haul 6
Well I wouldn’t be vegan if I didn’t have Tofu would I?! The health food shop I head to in Cambridge always has a really good selection of Tofu products. They also sell fresh vegan samosas, spring rolls, onion bhaji’s and cake – which you can see peeping in the corner of this photo. The Pulsin bars are from Aldi and offer a great mid morning snack. 

vegan food haul 5
This biscuit spread is what dreams are made of. But seriously it tastes freakin’ AMAZING. I usually chop up apple slices to have with it and it tastes like a raw apple pie. Pure heaven.
vegan food haul 3I usually buy a couple of treats too! These are both from Aldi, they actually have a few dairy free chocolate options but this mint cream bar is my favourite. I thought I could never be vegan as I used to eat Minstrels EVERY SINGLE DAY. Turns out, I can live quite happily without them and it’s a great way to cut out the crap you don’t really need. I usually have a few squares of dark chocolate if I’m really feeling a chocolate craving though.

I hope this has offered an interesting insight into the weekly shop of a vegan. Well, me anyway. Do let me know if you’d be interested in further posts like this!

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