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If you follow me on Instagram you *might* be aware that I recently spent a week on the Northern coast of Sicily, in Cefalu to be more precise! Charlie and I packed our bags and headed off for some MUCH needed sunshine. I adore Italy, it’s always one of my first choices for a holiday and I couldn’t wait to find out what Sicily would offer us.

Initially I was worried that I would keep trying to compare it with the beautiful Amalfi Coast, but I needn’t have worried as Cefalu is simply beautiful! And after a 6 hour flight delay (cheers, Thomson) we finally made it to our hotel at 5am. Tired wasn’t the word!

We stayed at the Cefalu Sea Palace, but I’m going to blog about that in a separate post so for now I thought I’d round up what our seven days in Sicily comprised of! Clue: lots of lounging, eating and sunning. 

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We spent our first few days beaching about and admiring our surroundings. We were both feeling pretty burnt out so it was exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries. The weather was gorgeous, 33 degrees, bright blue skies and glistening sunshine! We had a couple of cloudier days but even with clouds, this place is simply stunning.

The town itself was just a 5-10 minute walk from our hotel on the seafront. There were tonnes of restaurants to choose from, plenty of bars and some lovely independant homeware and clothing boutiques. Not a chain store in sight – just perfect!  I was actually quite worried being vegan that I would be living  off bread and chips for a week, and whilst I ate PLENTY of bread it was surprisingly easy eating vegan. Some restaurants even advertised that they have vegan options available, which was a huge relief! I even found vegan ice cream so there you go, and yes it was delicious! IMG_9120

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Every corner we turned there was another pretty street to explore, it’s such a picturesque location and I didn’t see one ‘bad’ part.  One of my favourite places to chill and enjoy a big bowl of pasta was outside of the Duomo . A roman Catholic church  which you’re free to have a mooch inside during the daytime. It had a really lovely vibe  and  in the evenings some of the restaurants had live music and pianists which added to the charm of the area.
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Kaftan – Monsoon (now on sale!)*Cefalu Sicily Blog post 12

For me another major appeal for Cefalu, is that it isn’t overly touristy. It still has an authentic feel and most of the locals and restaurant staff speak little to no English. A fair amount of the holidaymakers appeared to be Italian, so it looks to be a popular holiday destination for those that live in the mainland and the nearby city of Palermo.

Stay tuned for my full review of our hotel, plus a blog post all about our island hopping to Lipari and the island of Vulcano! Yes, we actually managed to drag ourselves away from the beach for a couple of days…

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