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I’ve always been a bit of an explorer. Whilst the prospect of a relaxing beach holiday was lovely, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit still for too long. There’s only a certain amount of sun lounger surfing I can cope with. So after a couple of relaxing days in Cefalu, we decided to explore a couple of nearby islands.

I didn’t realise *quite* how long the boat ride would be. Around 2h30 to be precise, and as it happens I suffer with seasickness. So that was fun. All worth it though, as we got to visit the stunning island of Lipari! The largest of the Aeolian Islands, I wasn’t actually sure what to expect! Turns out, Lipari is a slice of Italian heaven. Unspoilt, the island boasts a lovely array of boutiques and restaurants, some of which overlook the harbour which is a stunning little area.

The day we visited Lipari was probably the hottest day of our stay, and my life. At one point I thought I was going to melt into a puddle on the floor. I even had to dash into a cathedral just to benefit from some shade, and purchase a VERY handy fan. That was the probably the best item I’ve ever bought.

Spending a day in Lipari
The island of Lipari
Visiting Lipari Sicily

Why you should visit Lipari
Lipari in Sicily
Lipari Sicily
A blog post about Lipari
Visiting Lipari
I wore – Top by Dizen Clothing, Shorts by Dr Denim, H&M Floppy Hat and an eBay Bag. Minimal clothing was needed and god I’m glad I opted for this super cute crochet top from Dizen and a pair of shorts.


Not a bad view is it? I fell in love with Lipari pretty quickly. I could easily have spent a few days there, it’s obvious beauty doesn’t tire and it’s SO clean. Seriously, not a piece of litter in sight. I loved every second there, and the locals seem to have an obsession with plants which only enhances the island. So many of the houses and buildings there were lined with dozens of potted plants and it looked so cute! I wish our houses looked a little more like this in England, there’s just so much character on each and every street. Lipari, I feel we may meet again…

Stay tuned for my next Island hopping post, where we visit an island that smells of pure rotten egg. Yeah that was erm…nice!

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